Knut on people putting Mizkif up to higher standards

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Knut on people putting Mizkif up to higher standards

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  1. I have a theory that Noone really gives a fuck about what happened/happening.

    We’re all just an online HS clique that loves being apart of something unfolding in real time. Literally Noone in LSF has any skin in the game but we all think our opinions are valid and correct. We love to judge others but if we were in any of their shoes we would be just as dumb as them.

  2. I do personally connect with what he is saying actually. Not a fan on Miz’s side from the calls at all, but I’ve been in similar situations that Knut is talking about defending friends.

  3. I’ve been watching knut try and analyse the call and i think mitch might have competition for the dumbest person to insert themselves into the drama lol. Literally stopping every 1 second to defend mizkif by literally changing what he’s said in the call

  4. In general, people hold content creators to high standards because they have a platform where their actions can influence others.

    Yes, some of the loudest in the screaming mob are terrible people. But they don’t broadcast to 30k+ children

  5. Mizkif’s behavior clearly wasn’t great and the lack of concern for the actual victim’s wellbeing is bad too but at this point even if we assume Miz didn’t send Maya with the purpose of coverring up the story, his willingness to blackmail Train so openly is proof that hes pretty fucking irredeemable. I mean Train also should be deplatformed fuck that guy.

  6. I think there’s a difference between defending and forcing a victim to downplay what happened to protect your friend.

    There’s a way that this could been handled where none of the people involved are super hurt by what happened and the Austen crowd just doesn’t see it because they’re all clout obsessed ghouls.

  7. Knut is obviously very biased, just the other day he was talking about there still being plans of opening up a gym in Austin with Mizkif. He has a financial interest to downplay everything that makes OTK look bad to save himself by proxy.

    I would take everything Knut says regarding the leak with massive pinch of salt.

  8. Yeah sure but I wouldn’t spam call the victim, when she doesn’t respond send Barry with my falconer gf and a rat to shut her up. That’s just me though and we should all remember , ” YOU ARE MAYA HIGA! “

  9. There has been many clips of Knut talking about Camp Knut Season 2.. Knut literally has a vested interest in Mizkif being ok so lets stop pretending that he is the objective opinion here.

  10. i wouldn’t be going over to the victim’s house to “find out what’s going on” especially if i knew she was ready to say something about it.

    i’d wait to see what she has to say first.

    i know mitch jones did a fucking incredible job of painting the most muddy picture of what happened. but listening to what mizkif actually had to say in the leak, without otk’s pr filter, certainly doesn’t paint a picture of innocence.

  11. My man knut’s analysis is so funny He talks with obvious bias towards Mizkif.

    Edit: the man is literally still questioning if the SA happened and saying “I haven’t been there” “I haven’t seen it” “Is there a video”

  12. Knut is a perfect example of power dynamic. He can’t really talk about anything because he is still a small streamer and doesn’t want to fumble the Texas Bag with Knut Camp 2 and etc.

  13. I’m sorry, but if I heard that my *best friend* sexually assaulted someone while they were unconscious, my first instinct wouldn’t be to defend that friend. It would be to find out what happened and remove them from my life. 10 times out of 10.

  14. This is what I’ve been saying but noooooooo. YouTube, twitch and lsf know better. They would have taken the alleged victim’s side every single time.

  15. Knut is a real one. People on here just want a witch hunt and it is fucking disgusting. This community has become so deranged, I just want Camp Knut back

  16. I’m definitely not holding anyone in this scenario to a higher standard than I hold myself. I would be appalled if I had accidentally been defending someone who had committed SA, let alone knowingly, and I would hate myself for using someone else’s trauma as a way to get ahead of others or put them down. I’d consider myself a monster if I additionally used that trauma to try and drag other, completely unrelated people through the mud by suggesting that they were even slightly involved.

    Everyone sucks. The dude who did it, the people who kept it covered up, and the people one layer removed who used it for their own gain and made the entire thing about themselves in order to put others down.

  17. surely knut isn’t biased toward mizkif because of the event , also I would never defend a friend with sa allegation , also the call show that mizkif clearly cared about his friend reputation , not the victim

  18. nah man sure there’ll be an initial surge of disbelief and I’ll try to figure out what happened but i am dropping my best friend’s ass the moment something as serious as SA happens. i just told them this too.

  19. at this point twitch should temporary ban everyone involved until this is dealt with.

    this is such bad pr for twitch as a platform.

    people being accused of SA, covering it up, blackmail, blacklisting women that come forward and weaponizing SA.

  20. Yeah guys anyone would’ve covered up sexual assault of a creep if they were in Mizkif’s place…

    I don’t think Mizkif is a bad person but cmon at least acknowledge his mistakes.