Kids snatching food from a hungry snake

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+5426 – Kids snatching food from a hungry snake

2022-08-06 04:58:48

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Kids snatching food from a hungry snake from TerrifyingAsFuck

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492 shares, 831 points


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  1. I saw a video about how most of these animal saving videos are staged where the dogs are intentionally put in harms way (other animals included) and now whenever I see something like this I automatically assume if a few kids are saving an animal they put them in that situation. Truly heartbreaking.

  2. Isn’t this one of those fake “saving a dog videos”? I’m pretty sure these guys were exposed for staging these scenarios and making videos of it.

  3. And cameraman is shooting this with an orgasm. I am a cameraman by proffession, I would stop recording and help the kids. What the fuck.

  4. So an andaconda is found far away from the water, wrapped up a dog, and is being attacked by children… honestly I wish the people who set this stuff up wo ld be jailed.

  5. The title make me think that now those kids have 2 pieces of food: the dog meat they originally owned, and the new snake meat.

  6. Doggo: Sorry to bother you, and it’s of no consequence if you can’t, but would you mind untangling me from this?


  7. Frekin dog over here like: “So uhh…Whachu hoomans doing? Hm? Oh this? Huh… I don’t know…” 🤣