Just because Dell did it doesn’t mean it’s the future!

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  1. Well it also doesn’t need pre installed bloatware and dell’s unselectable monthly warranty payment scam

  2. Be honest , you don’t need to buy decent headphones with cable for decent price, you need to pay twice for headphones without it and with worse audio

  3. My phone and PC have a headphone jack and I constantly use them, any above walmart audio quality headphones will need one.

  4. Fuck whoever makes this bs

    I use Jack because they are better


    I need cables in my life.

    I hate the whole “hands free” bs

  5. “Please no headphone jack, and give us an even shittier camera and mic please. And only give me 1 USB port that doubles as the charging port preventing me from connecting anything while charging. Also, please make it so all air flow is blocked if the laptop is docked, on a lap, or on a table without scaffolding underneath it. Also make it so the keyboard is just slightly the wrong size and layout. Also, make it slow as shit.” /s

    uuhg I hate laptops, and Dell’s $office-work-grade laptops especially.

  6. Be honest, Dell only survived until now because of Scams, an alien head sticker on PCs and mass deliveries of bad PCs for schools.

  7. Unfortunately it probably does mean it’s the future. First Apple does something annoying, then Dell copies a few years later. Then, since it’s now “standard” since the two big companies are doing it, everyone else follows along.

    This lets them not only save a fraction of a penny by leaving out a jack on the motherboard, but lets them mark up their laptop by $50 by throwing in a pair of crap wireless earbuds that cost $1 to make (MSRP: $100).

  8. They still do if you want to edit audio or video Bluetooth latency for these is gettin better but still can have issues

  9. OH hell no. You got away with the phone for “water resistance” but nobody going to be using their laptop like that.

  10. Be honest, yes it does. Because, who would have guessed, I want to plug in my headset. And I won’t buy a new one just because anyone thinks “letzt just remove the headphone jack

  11. Be honest. Since I plug in my old bassy Logitech speakers or my chunky boi Sennheiser headphones into mine I would beg to differ.

  12. Bull-fucking-shit it doesn’t need a headphone jack!!!!! I begrudgingly accept it on my phone because I’m mostly listening to audio while on the go or exercising, where it makes a lot of sense to use Bluetooth headphones. If I’m using a laptop, I’m sitting in one fucking place. Let me plug my shit in!!!!!

  13. Well windows is gonna have to sort out fkn bluetooth device integration like yesterday if they expect people to use earbuds or whatever else. It’s been a nightmare getting earbuds to work if you expect to use the built in microphone for gaming etc.

  14. Let’s be honest I do need a fucking headphone jack.

    Is it that hard to put in a tiny headphone jack on a motherboard. I hate that phones don’t have them now.

  15. Yes it does because not everyone has bluetooth capable audio devices and not everyone WANTS a Bluetooth only audio setup.

  16. I do a lot of music recording and it would be impossible with the latency of wireless headphones. Apart from an external sound card. But still don’t like that idea.

  17. Yes it does, and so does my phone. Stop forcefully making people buy expensive Bluetooth shit when a regular, 1mm diameter plug is all it takes. Fuck you every marketer, executive, and engineer behind this bullshit scam

  18. i wish iphone “pro” at least had a standard audio jack. the wireless stuff is all BS, creating asinine ampint of ewaste with all these gadgets that inly last a year or two

  19. They’re going in reverse. It needs better AUX, not to remove it! Add a full blown DAC to that shit you fucking bozos!

  20. Audiophiles might lose their minds after seeing this article, but I’m still glad at Apple for considering Audiophile’s preferences like adding power to the impedance for higher impedance headphones for a better listening experience because man it’s a pain in the back that you need to buy and set-up a headphone amp just to drive those high impedance HiFi headphones.

  21. It DOES, i hate mine new G15 5511 doesn’t have a sd card reader and i had to bought an USB one. At least it have the 3,5′ audio/mic jack.

  22. Lmao fuck that, I want my laptop to have as many ports as possible, a good CPU, a GPU worth something, and more RAM than god. If it weighs 5 pounds, so be it.

  23. Being honest: Yes it does. My HyperX Cloud II won’t magically become wireless just because i have a new device. I’m grinding my teeth because I didn’t check my new phone had a jack and now I can’t plug my headset into it to call people.

  24. if my bluetooth headphones had an ability to pair to more than one device


    sadly they dont, and pairing them for the first time took me over 4 hours, i dont want to go through this every day twice