Julie Payette says she ‘unfortunately’ wasn’t invited to the…

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Julie Payette says she ‘unfortunately’ wasn’t invited to the Queen’s funeral

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  1. I am by no means a fan of Payette, but it looks like the Star asked her whether she would be attending, she responded that she wasn’t invited, and then the Star ran a headline implying that she is complaining about the snub.

  2. >“Madame Payette, as always, prefers to remain reserved,” said her executive assistant, Lise Boyer, in an email. “She takes example from Queen Elizabeth who perfectly exemplified reserve and dignity throughout her life.”

    I wonder if she was laughing when she wrote this. It’s almost satire.

  3. She is a disgraced GG. She was a bully and forced to resign. Now she just gets our money for doing nothing! Good choice by Trudeau on this on.

  4. Gee I wonder why, another Trudeau appointment disaster. Her commenting on this is further evidence of her unsitability for that role.

  5. Imagine getting fired from your job representing someone, and then being surprised when they don’t invite you back for events.

  6. The title reads “i unfortunately wasn’t invited.” The article is locked behind a paywall. Majority of the comments are making fun of her for “complaining”. What isn’t adding up here? Are a surprising amount of Canadians subscribed to thestar & getting more context below, or are a shocking amount of Canadians this illiterate? What was stated in the title literally can’t be associated with opinion.

  7. Strikes strike me that this is one of those things where a normal person wouldn’t say anything, but because considering she was forced out because she bullied staff, *of course* she has the brass neck to share this.

  8. I’m actually surprised, normally that’s something Trudeau would have done was invite someone that shouldn’t be there to a trip . Reference his India trip. I guess his handlers are finally paying attention now

  9. I’d like to announce to everyone here on Reddit, that I, too, was NOT invited to the Queen’s funeral. I am outraged and saddened and embarrassed and pained and shocked. Well, I was those emotions for about a millisecond. But I’m OK now. Later today, I’m going to call the media and see if someone will write a story about me. Just to let people know that, y’know, I’m still here. If anyone knows of anywhere that I can claim compensation, just let me know. thanks.

  10. The details of the scandal were never revealed, but I think the job was just a bad fit. Effectivly the GG position is symbolic and of futile in purpose and they put a mega-proactive person in that position…. Julie Payetee didn’t become an astronault by being lazy… astronaults are the .001% of the .001% of smart people aiming for the job – it’s extremely intellectually and physicially demanding. She must have been exploding in futility with her GG position.

    They should give the job to someone on welfare “oh I do nothing… sounds good to me!”