Judge Overseeing Trump-Mar-a-Lago Case Trims Special Master…

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Judge Overseeing Trump-Mar-a-Lago Case Trims Special Master Ruling Within Hours of 11th Circuit Order

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  1. She may have just made it more difficult for Trump to appeal to the SCOTUS. The 11th only stayed parts of her order. She amended her order to remove those parts. They no longer exist. The other parts are still active pending full review. At this moment, there’s nothing to appeal to SCOTUS and there won’t be until the 11th is done with their full review, which could be a while.

    In short, because she amended the order to remove the parts that were stayed, the stay no longer exists. There’s nothing for Trump to appeal (for now). The classified docs are completely off the table until after Trump is indicted.

  2. “Under the Espionage Act, the classification does not matter,” former federal prosecutor Mitchell Epner, a partner at Rottenberg Lipman Rich PC, noted in a phone interview with Law&Crime. “The reason we know for certain that the classification does not matter is the Espionage Act was enacted long before there was a classification system.”

    Learned something new

  3. >On Thursday morning, Judge Cannon issued an order stating that Dearie
    will review the seized material, “except the approximately one-hundred
    documents bearing classification markings.” She also struck portions of
    her earlier order preventing the Justice Department from probing the
    classified documents during the review and ordering them to disclose
    those materials to Dearie.

    So now the FBI/DOJ can freely review 100 classified documents that Trump was never supposed to have in his personal possession in the first place (especially after January 2021), which is likely more than enough to put him away for life. Him possessing them alone was highly illegal and criminal, regardless of anything else. And the declassification argument doesn’t matter in the laws they are citing.

    And now the Supreme Court won’t even get a say in it.

    Trump now has no serious defense for those 100 docs, and his baseless claims of “I can declassify them just by thinking about it” are all he has left, which have now been legally disproven even by his own Judge and by the 11th and the Special Master he and his Lawyers chose.

  4. * Trump installs loyal judge.
    * Loyal Judge tries to protect Trump.
    * Loyal Judge panics, fucks up and makes Trump even worse off than he was before.

    This is hilarious.

  5. Back peddler of the week! She better watch out, one Trump post about her lack of courage could get her in some trouble with the red pilled snowflakes.

  6. Good. Now the DOJ needs to get their ducks in a row ASAP and indict before the next round of shenanigans and delay tactics that his lawyers lob their way. Who knows what it will be / what angle but it is coming.

    So far I think the DOJ is doing a good job. Their tight lips must be driving him insane. He can’t keep his mouth shut, almost as if he really is guilty. /s He can’t control this, he knows what he did, he knows he was warned, he knows that he could have returned everything he STOLE but for whatever reason whether its blackmail or something stupid enough as keeping a trophy, he decided to keep it. He believed and still believes he is above the law. Up until now he has been, sure he has lost lawsuits but nothing too serious. He had a really good winning streak in the US justice system, hopefully it’s time for a nice loosing streak and we will see US inmate #45. I’m not holding my breath though.

  7. Judge Dearie just submitted the schedule for the document review. He’s asking for Trump’s lawyers to review all of the documents by October 14th, and for the government’s reply by October 21st (this is for the last batch).

    Further, after all documents are established as privileged/personal etc. Trump has to finally file the 41(g) motion to formally request the documents/items back, plus explain why judge Cannon has jurisdiction:

    > In addition to addressing the merits of the Rule 41(g) motion,
    Plaintiff’s brief should address specifically whether the motion may properly be resolved in this action or must instead be decided as part of the docket in the action in which the relevant warrant was issued

    So even after all of this, he still might not get anything back (or only privileged material).

  8. I’m partly inclined to believe that she knew this was bad but is too scared not to do what he wants. She has a lifetime appointment and the only meaningful consequences would be her fellow “patriots” turning on her.

    Trump supporters keep threatening to kill people.

  9. Good on them for shooting down her bs. What is very telling is that you have the nutcase that is trump saying he can think of them being declassified and they will be. But here they flat-out said, it doesnt matter if they were or were not. So whenever you see trump and all his goons reiterating that he “declassified” them, it is all as they put it, a red herring.

  10. Yet another reason for everyone to get out there and vote out every single republican you can! If you see an (R) next to a candidate’s name vote in the other direction!

  11. She now knows her ass and reputation are on the line … it was obviously a biased ruling and now she’s playing coverup to save herself