JR Rider: KG had never seen me play vs. MJ. I got 24, MJ got…

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JR Rider: KG had never seen me play vs. MJ. I got 24, MJ got 18. KG says “keep going at his ass, he can’t guard you.” I said chill, MJ standing right here. KG says “psshh man I don’t care.” Going into 4Q, MJ got about 17 quick, looking at me and KG. He didn’t understand we don’t talk to MJ like that

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  1. Assuming this is KG’s rookie year then this was most likely the Feb 27 game. MJ dropped 35 both games that year against the Wolves but the first game the Bulls as a team only scored 17 points in the 4th but the second game the Bulls scored 38. Rider had 29 the first game but only 20 the second game. KG had 16 the first game and 20 the second game.

  2. IMO that’s what made MJ so legendary and revered to this day. You just knew at any given moment he could wreck your team BY HIMSELF.

  3. Stories like these are how a legend becomes a mythical figure.

    The most memorable one I remember is Smitty talking in open court about how MJ was counting down everytime he scored a bucket. 38. 36..34..32… And only then it registered to Smitty that MJ was counting down to 40 points.

    MJ fell 2 or 3 point short. But afterwards he came to Smittys locker to tell me he will get them next time.

    Edit: [Here’s the clip](https://youtu.be/3b27JgqFxso)

    [A longer version](https://youtu.be/7Ms02gNaYjk) of that segment. But don’t think it includes the MJ story

  4. I couldn’t find it after a quick look, but there is a video floating around mashing up this interview with KG telling his side of the story that was really great

  5. Reminds me of when the Heat’s Willie Burton “held” Jordan scoreless in the first quarter and ran his mouth about it to Jordan. Then Jordan proceeded to score something like 51 points in the last three quarters. Fucking legend. The Jordan multiple championships era was a hopeless time for everyone else.

  6. Probably my favorite Basketball story besides the one where MJ wanted to make Greg Minor take off his Jordans.

  7. On one hand, I love KG’s attitude. I feel like I would’ve done the same thing. Idc if he’s standing right there, let him know he’s getting his ass owned.

    On the other hand, Mike is the one dude in the world guaranteed to go off when he feels disrespected.

  8. [If anyone wants a link to this game.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9_8drWyoRw)

    Also taken from a comment on YouTube:

    7:43 is the 1minute 32 second mark in the third quarter.. Rider Foul and then;
    The Timeout that KG is talking trash to JR…
    After that… MJ:

    7:53 – 2 Free Throws, 2 points…

    8:00 – Spins Fakes Fades, 2 more…

    8:08 – Quick Drive Right Stabs Fades, 2 more…

    8:23 – Pulls Up Fades Off the Glass, 2 more…
    Then into the 4th…wow.

    8:54 – 2 Free Throws, 2 points…

    9:16 – 2 Free Throws, 2 points…

    9:28 – Pull up Jumper, 3 points…

    9:46 – Base Line Fade Away, 2 more…33 at this point…

    10:14 – The No Look Flip, 2 points…

    11:06 – Dish to Scottie, 2 points…

  9. Its actually fucking insane how much of a mythos Jordan has about him. You literally have grown ass men who are good enough to put up 20+ points in the best basketball league in the world sayings its “against the rules” to talk shit to this *one* basketball player, solely because of how fucking legendary he is.

    Crazy lmao

  10. I like hearing stories from/about Rider, he attended the community college in my hometown before heading to UNLV

  11. Rider would’ve been a max player in this era lol I bet a lot of these dudes wish they had been born later

  12. This is what Mike has over every other player ever.. that mysticism and straight fear he put into his peers. LeBron, Kareem, Kobe, etc are all amazing in their own right(I personally have bron as my GOAT) but none of them get spoken about like this from the guys that competed against them