Josh Donaldson walks off the Red Sox with an RBI hit in the…

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Josh Donaldson walks off the Red Sox with an RBI hit in the 10th to seal the Yankees a playoff spot!

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  1. You know what, the magic started with Donaldson hitting a weak ground ball against the Red Sox. Time to really be first half Yankees again

  2. Not that I realistically expect the Sox to serve Judge a diet of meatballs all night, but as a diehard blatant homer I’m choosing to believe this is retribution for the 3 walks (and for probably enjoying that fly out)

  3. What an anticlimactic way for that to end. After the Judge fly out I don’t think anything could come close to that lol

  4. I thought Marwin was hurt/missed the plate, hence that lingering shot on the pitcher. Felt very anticlimactic but a win is a win.

  5. Can’t be mad at JD. Still love the dude. Happy that he’s coming up clutch routinely but… like… maybe do it for another team next time?

  6. This is Donaldson’s 4th walk-off this season this

    The 1st one was in the 1st game against the Red Sox

    2nd was a sac fly against I think Det, but I’m not 100 % sure

    3rd was a GS was against TB when we were trailing by 3

    Then obviously this one