1. Sure is awesome that Kobe was streaming this, I should really check out his channel on twitch dot tv

  2. Kobe, where you at??????

  3. Just waiting for Kobe to comment “me love udyr”.

  4. incoming kobe comment at flower’s behest.

  5. Inb4 Kobe comment cus flowers told him to

  6. Cpt Flowers brought me here

  7. Kobe modCheck

  8. lol of all the things that could’ve been clipped, this is certainly not one of them

    that too after he fails the w over the wall

    (and I say this as a JoJo fan)

  9. Leblanc uses multiple dashes and roots to avoid a melee champion, lol.

  10. Is this where the after-party is at?

  11. Where tf is kobe yo

  12. kobe, flowers wants you to comment 😀

  13. I predict Kobe will appear in this thread. I am from the future.

  14. NY Pizza >>>>>>>

  15. meatloaf skarner

  16. Kobe comment when?

  17. Fuck dildoderic all my homies hate dildoderic

  18. Not really breaking his ankles; It’s standard Leblanc gameplay.

  19. Jojos been shitting on everyone. He almost made nisqy retire

  20. Wow I actually wish Kobe would cast more like this in the LCS. Doesn’t always need to be professional/grand sounding. This was awesome!

  21. And the standard for hype plays falls ever lower.

  22. alternative title, JoJo plays a champion with unlimited flashes and 0 skill was displayed

  23. Oh man I felt pure frustration boiling in his blood when he flashed with Q2 on Aatrox… this was never gonna work

  24. That’s why aatrox is not recommended in master+ queue, outplayable!

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