Jensen Huang (NVIDIA CEO): ” the idea that a chip is going…

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Jensen Huang (NVIDIA CEO): ” the idea that a chip is going to go down in cost over time, unfortunately, is a story of the past”

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  1. Feels like he is talking to Nvidia’s investors and not buyers.

    Also numbers will speak for themselves. If 40 series card still sell well like hot cakes of course Nvidia will still keep their ridiculous price points. But if more people are turning to the older 20 and 30 series cards due to price or switch team Red, then they may just promote the RTX 4080 12GB version in cheaper form factors.

  2. It honestly just feels like they priced the 4000 series high so that people would buy 3000 series instead at a cheaper price.

    They make some money from early adopters, but also sell excess 3000 stock.

    I mean, it’s not the silliest idea

  3. The current economic model is not sustainable. Every single public company expect infinite growth from a finite population. It doesn’t matter if they make money, they have to make X% more money than last year.

    This problem isn’t just limited to NVIDIA. Until something changes, mega corps will keep scalping people.

  4. “like the mid-tier $899 4080”.

    Remember when 699$ was the top tier enthusiasy card you could buy, and most people bought 250-299 cards?

  5. Sure Jensen, sure.

    In that case, I should spend a monthly salary on your overpriced GPU that I don’t really need.

    These guys are just living in an alternate universe or what.

  6. Now that the mining market has collapsed, Nvidia will create an artificial shortage by withholding 40 series cards and selling 30 series for inflated prices to desperate gamers who need an upgrade.

  7. Except it literally does go down in every way.

    A 1080 retailed at 599 MSRP

    A 2070 retailed at 499 MSRP

    Not only was the 2070 cheaper but it also provided higher frame rates in most games.

    A 2080 retailed at 699 MSRP

    A 3070 retailed at 499 MSRP

    Once again Not only was the 3070 cheaper but it also provided higher frame rates in most games. But all of a sudden gains now must go hand in hand with a price increase? this is just something Nvidia is telling themselves to justify screwing over the consumer. I call Bull

  8. We know chip prices went up this gen, TSMC forced you to pay for your Samsung adventure.

    But that is not a reason to sell 4070 as a 4080.

    Also there is a thing called raising the price too much. But hey, market forces will sort it out. Cards that do not sell get discounted.

    Now we know why EVGA bailed.

  9. I can’t help but wonder in comparison with many pay to win games.

    At a certain point, the ‘main’ group becomes the whales, as such, the game has no reason to market towards anyone else, this almost feels like it could happen here, with growing inequality in the world.

  10. Pending what AMD come out with, gpus have hit a road block that they haven’t solved yet. Proper, high fps, 4k gaming, without fake frames.

    As a 3080 owner I don’t see a need to upgrade until that becomes a reality. I’m already better off than a PS5 and Xbox, so games are always going to perform better than the bare minimum, and frankly it isn’t like graphics are bad! That’s shown by the focus on fps rather than deep graphical detail, we’re at a point we need higher memory and processing power, and we’re seeing that’s not easy anymore under Moore’s law.

  11. “GPU chips won’t be getting cheap anymore thereby making PC gaming more costly.

    Therefore you should subscribe to our cloud gaming solution at just $10/month and enjoy.

    You will own nothing and you will be happy 😈”

  12. Bullshit. Processes always improve and cheapen. We aren’t at the end of technological improvement. You can’t just say this shit because TSMC is bending you over a barrel. Loser.

  13. Looks like Jensen has decided to take a page out of Don Mattrick’s playbook.

    “Fortunately, we already have products for people who don’t want to pay such high prices. It’s called the 3000-series.” – Jensen Huang, probably

  14. The idea that people will keep building more and more expensive PCs which also become more and more expensive in electricity usage, unfortunately, is a story of the past.

    We have been ‘flowers for Algernon’d by better and better graphics for games, but I truly think that the future is in optimising the gameplay of games itself instead of the graphics. Many indie games or e.g. Nintendo games can already been fun and popular while looking mediocre at best; high graphics are not necessary.

    Just for reference:

    The Commodore 64 could only play games that are bad by modern standard, but it used up to 30 Watt to do so.

    The xbox 360 would draw about 170 Watt for most gaming, and could play games like Skyrim at an enjoyable level; the xbox series x uses a similar amount for most games.

    Finally, a Switch is around $300 and 20 Watt to play games; the Steam deck is $400+ but with a similar power budget.

    But on the NVIDIA side, even while the decreasing size of chips should have made them more power efficient, you need more and more power to play the popular games of any time. The 4090 will apparently draw up to 450 W and costs $1600.

    Is gaming with the RTX 4090 really more than 5 times as good as gaming on the Switch, or more than 4 times compared to a Deck? Or even more, considering you also need a CPU etc. to turn the GPU into a gaming PC?

    **This cannot continue.**

    (PS: I don’t have a Switch because f’ck Nintendo; but I also have a 2015 GPU so honestly the Steam Deck is starting to look very attractive.)

  15. This is how you kill PC gaming. I’m a life long, since the 80s, PC gamer but this is getting ridiculous. When I can play 90% of the same games on my Xbox Series X, I’m not in a huge rush to spend 3k building a new PC.

  16. “the idea that we’re going to overproduce GPUs again, unfortunately, is a story of the past”

    Gotta love manufactured scarcity.

  17. That’s only because during Covid and people worked from home and gaming as a whole erupted for something to do, he saw what true gamers are willing to pay.

    What he is NOT factoring in is that most of the scalper purchases were aided but bonus money of $1600 a month.

    That’s all done and now job losses are skyrocketing, cost of living is skyrocketing and those jobs still going on did not see a pay increase. Perhaps it’s a break even?? Produce fewer and sell to the upper middle class and wealthy only???