1. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

  2. Boy I cannot fucking wait until Wednesday’s hearing, even if this particular story isn’t addressed yet.

  3. >You know, I can’t say anything specific about that particular call, but we are aware of it,” Raskin said. “And we are aware of lots of contacts between the people in the White House and different people that were involved obviously in the coup attempt and the insurrection.”

    Well now, isn’t this interesting?

  4. If there was ever a straight line from white house to coup, then this is it.

  5. Imagine that rioter testifying live at the hearing, saying he was speaking with meadows about boots on the ground real time details

  6. Whoopsie

  7. Season 2 of Insurrection is looking nice.

  8. r/capitolconsequences for more updates on insurrectionists and the investigation.

  9. A whole hundred protesters huh? Better do better than that folks. Those are rookie numbers for a protest

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