1. They look like those McMichael blobs that killed Ahmaud Arbery.

  2. Yep they look exactly like you’d think.

  3. Thumb and Thumber

  4. This story had people calling them heroes in the comments section on yahoo. fucking disgusting

  5. Disgusting

  6. They look like they drink alcohol everyday, for years.

  7. Ah yes, the master race.

  8. Rhymes with “slight rash.”

  9. Why do all these bigots always look like thumbs?

    I have to constantly tell myself phrenology isn’t real

  10. “We just stopped randomly to fire our shotgun across some water where we thought there might be ducks, I mean birds, I mean javalina.” – Dollar Store Robert Prosky

  11. “Walt You want your money right, get me a big mac”

  12. They look confused on why they are getting their mugs pictured bahahaha

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