Jacinda Ardern urges ‘rallying cry from the world’ against…

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Jacinda Ardern urges ‘rallying cry from the world’ against Russia

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  1. This does not surprise me in the least. Every decision she has made over the last few years have been based logic and the future of NZ, and the world. As I am one of the Boomer age group, both Ms Ardern and Mr. Zelenskyy and leaders of that age group have a better world vision than most in my age group.

    Well wishes to NZ, and Slava Ukraine.

  2. Indeed, we Kiwis don’t have much military equipment, but we are giving what we can. Much more valuable will be the training we offer. The NZ SAS are a serious organisation if they’re involved (and you never find out until years later in these events).

    But regardless of NZ domestic politics, Jacinda punches above her weight on the world stage when it comes to getting her message out. Her strong support is much more critical in reassuring citizens in heavy-hitting countries like the US and Europe – if they know and respect her – that the whole world is behind this effort. You have our moral support, and this is a just cause. We all have to do everything we can!

    So stay the course and Slava Ukraine!

  3. You see what you’ve done vlad? You’ve upset Jacinda! Well done you jerk! Do you know how difficult it is to upset a kiwi? Now the world knows how truly evil you are!

  4. As a New Zealander I disagree with Aunty Cindy. We are not doing enough to support Ukraine. We could be sending more support. We could be calling out Russia’s supporters by name. We could be boycotting Russian businesses and businesses that continue to do business in Russia. I feel there is much more we could be doing. I still love Aunty Cindy though. At least she’s making an effort.

  5. What’s frustrating is that she says this while NZ is simping for China on the other side.

    She is able to stand up to Russia because there is no consequences for NZ to do so and only positives.

    When China starts a trade war with Australia her government rather than supporting long standing allies and freiends, manuvers NZ goods to replace Australian ones and speaks meekly as a mouse to China.

    So you will excuse me for not glorifying her great courage and fortitude.

  6. How’s this: *”Everything but nukes for Ukraine!“*

    With this as follow up: *”Or maybe Ukraine gets back its nukes?”*