Its my 7 year Reddit anniversary, make me laugh.

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+7681 – Its my 7 year Reddit anniversary, make me laugh.

2022-08-05 18:25:02

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582 shares, 840 points


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  1. I’m guessing that ginormous mouth isn’t the only thing that looks like Steven Tyler on you.

  2. You look like you’re trying to have that “Elsa” hairstyle.
    But the only time you’re Frozen is when your dad comes in your room at night

  3. Your manhands abusing that piece of paper is worse than what gravity has done to the upper upholstery of your car.

  4. Love the Madison Square Garden shirt…..which one has had more men inside them – you or the Garden? That tight race is the only thing tight about you.

  5. How many insecure validation seeking blondes does it take to make an insincere ego stroking reddit post?

    The answer is one.

  6. I don’t understand how you look like the lead for fantastic beasts and a fantastic beast at the same time.

  7. This chick looks like iJustine lol. I doubletaked and checked the sign to see if it was her making a joke post.