‘It was the scariest moment of my life’: Vancouver woman…

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‘It was the scariest moment of my life’: Vancouver woman describes being chased by a stranger

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  1. TLDR

    > walking her dog **in Yaletown just before 3 p.m. on Monday**. She had headphones on and was listening to a podcast, but said she could hear screaming and loud noises behind her.

    > a man that seemed very crazy, very angry, just **very mad and he was yelling very loudly**,” Denis said. “He keeps yelling and he’s yelling and looking at me.

    > “It was all a bunch of sentences that were disjointed … at one point he said, ‘You’re going to remember me,’” she said. “It was super scary because you never know what is going on in someone’s head. At this point I was just feeling really uneasy and was thinking about the recent stabbings that have happened downtown.”

    > **went inside a nail salon for safety, but the man followed them inside. Two men who happened to be there blocked the suspect from reaching Denis while staff called 911. The man then took off**.

    > he appears to be holding something in his hand.

    > “It looked a little bit **like a knife or part of a brass knuckle**, but maybe it was a big ring,”

  2. How are we just putting up with this? Like everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, until it does.
    These people should be r e m o v e d from our streets. Tax paying citizens should not be dealing with this day to day with no means of recourse.

  3. It really should just be called the Vancouver Marathon at this point. You pay some money and an insane person chases you through the downtown.

  4. Any woman who lives downtown has likely had to deal with an uncomfortable or scary situation involving a stranger. I’ve been followed and chased. I’ve had to dip into a store or busy public space in an effort to find help or safety. Broad daylight – doesn’t matter. I got so sick of having to be vigilant all the time. It’s exhausting.

  5. the sad thing is police cannot do nothing to this man.. only if he struck and killed someone. or repeat offenders .


    He could be a drug addict. but there are no easy cure. because the cure is expensive and not profitable. and no politician or anyone of power will work for something without profit

  6. Holy shit I was driving by this place on Monday around that time, and I could hear some dude screaming in a nail salon, I had no idea it was this crazy

  7. I am reading this as a Yaletown resident currently in France. I’m surprised at how much safer I feel wandering Paris on my own than taking a walk in my own neighbourhood at home. Nowhere am I seeing the incidence of drugs and mental illness… France is not perfect and I was yelled at in the train station by a mentally ill lady wanting a cappuccino (lol) but I don’t feel unsafe.

    I love Vancouver, but it really has been eye opening getting out of the city for a bit.

  8. I am a guy and I have been followed by a crazy guy for no reason a month ago in Olympic Village. I called the police, and they told me more or less that this area has some sketchy people. They did follow up saying they couldn’t find the person

  9. My bf an I were walking close to Chinatown around 2-3pm (can’t remember where exactly) playing Pokémon go, when some dude with two black eyes lunged at my bf as if he was about to hit him.. he didn’t but it scared the shit out of me thinking we were going to be one of those random attacks.. this city has become a mess and it’s so sad even couples can’t be safe 😓

  10. Meanwhile “experts say” that what is needed is just more mental health counseling.

    How about protect victims first then give mental health support second.

  11. I don’t understand why this is just the new normal and we have to be okay with it. It’s shocking how little action is being taken

  12. I’ve just moved to Vancouver from the Uk and living in downtown and I’ve been absolutely shocked at the amount of people slumped over in the streets, shouting randomly at seemingly no one and just being aggressive.

    I used to live in London and whilst you get some of that, Vancouver has a serious issue which makes London look like a paradise and to be honest, if I’d know about this issue before, I would have reconsidered coming here at all.

    It’s disappointing as I’ve always viewed Vancouver as one of the best cities in the world and my view on it has been tarnished dramatically.

    I hope you guys get this problem sorted because it seems to have got worse already, just in the 6 weeks I’ve been here.

  13. I’ve been chased through Vancouver twice in the daytime.

    Once, someone approached me on Robson, lunchtime, sunny day, crowds everywhere, and grabbed me by the neck and took a swing at me with a knife. He stabbed someone right before me, and someone right after me.

    Another time, it was ~8ish on a Sunday morning, some dude started yelling at me from a block away (it was NOT crowded/nobody else around), and then started running at me while continuing to yell and threaten. I outran him, but… yeah.

    These things happened in 1998 and 2005, respectively. Stuff like this has always happened. That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad thing, but it’s _not_ uniquely new.

  14. There are a ton of people making excuses for this. One guy on Twitter said to ‘pay your taxes and tolerate the stabbings’.

    Yes we need to help people, but we also need to realize that between 4% and 10% of the population are psychopathic/sociopathic and they will never change. We shouldn’t have bleeding hearts for these individuals – that’s what they prey on.

  15. i moved out of yaletown june before last* after something like this happened to me and a female neighbour in separate occasions (yes we told authorities). its really heartbreaking this is still happening to people jsut trying to live their lives.

  16. The spike in Yaletown incidents all correlate with the addition of social housing and the safe injection site in the area

  17. Not saying anyone should do this, but I wonder how long it will take until some unhinged citizen starts going around and killing these violent homeless people. Surprised it hasn’t happened yet tbh

  18. I recently had a guy in the sky train who was trying to get verbal with me. I was standing near the doors and the guy was sitting like 3 seats ahead of me. I was looking ahead and suddenly had an eye to eye contact with him when he said “Be very scared, be very scared. You don’t want to find out what I can do to you”. I just nodded at him in agreement and just decided to ignore him. But was still keeping an eye out on him, just in case he decides to come up to me and get physical. Luckily he just walked up to the doors where I was standing and walked out at the next station. It was some experience, was on my toes the entire time.