Israeli press: Romania seems determined to become the first…

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Israeli press: Romania seems determined to become the first European country to buy the Iron Dome anti-missile system

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  1. Romania seems determined to become the first European country to buy the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system, Israeli sources told Haaretz . According to Israeli media, the Romanian Minister of Defense, Vasile Dâncu, refused to provide details on this subject, but admitted that Romania intends to purchase radar systems and drones from Israel.

    According to MApN, Vasile Dîncu visited, between September 14 and 15, the headquarters of some companies in the Israeli defense industry, including those involved in the development of Iron Dome.

    “On Wednesday, September 14, Minister Dîncu visited the facilities of the Israel Aerospace Industries company in Tel Aviv, where he met with the Romanian specialists who work within the company. On Thursday, September 15, the Romanian minister visited the companies Rafael Advanced Defense Systems active in the aerospace and defense field and Elbit Systems, a company from the defense industry with important investments in Romania”, according to a MApN press release.

    Iron Dome is an anti-missile defense system developed by the Israeli firms Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, with the financial support and technical support of the United States.

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  2. We need to celebrate, our government does something useful for a change! I wonder if the Israelis knew who to bribe in order to make this transaction possible. But even so, I don’t really mind, we have an expression of appreciation for politicians who steal but also do something useful for the country: “A furat dar a și făcut” = “He stole but he also did (useful things)”