Is she happy or unhappy?

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+2488 – She is 9 years old and she meows a lot everyday but I don’t understand if this is happy or unhappy meow?? Anyone knows?

2022-08-06 10:04:54

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Is she happy or unhappy? from Catswhoyell

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  1. I have a cat that does that too; send a lot of mixed signals. I’ve had him for 15 years and I still don’t know if he likes it or not.

  2. yeah i would agree with a few people here – you’re not blocking the escape, if she wanted to go she would. check for any skin irritation (sectional petting and brushing + gently floof back fur to examine skin if there’s a particularly reactive area), swelling, bruising, internal pain (palpation in sections – basically make biscuits on your cat very gently and in small sections all over her body to see if she reacts. don’t skimp on the belly and soft tissue, as those irritations can be easier to miss than messed up skin or bones), and keep an eye on stressors, bathroom habits, etc.


    if she seems healthy in general, she’s probably just a hot and cold kitty. if she’s okay with the examination, doing this weekly will both reassure you and be a bonding experience where you get belly privilege 🙂

  3. Is brushing new to her? It’s possible she’s unfamiliar with brushing. You can see some brushing she’s enjoying other not so much. Plus she’s comes back after walking away. It’s also plausible she may have skin irritations in spots. I would suggest brushing only a section of her at a time to see if she has sensation spots or simply to get her used to being brushed.

  4. Use a toothbrush instead, supposed to be a better mimic to another cats tongue than the evil branch it doesn’t seem to like

  5. She both likes it and doesn’t like it. She walks away and is obviously irritated because the tail is swishing, but she comes back and wants more.

    She looks like she wants to be brushed but also wants to play as the brushing is winding her up. Maybe see if she wants to play before or after being brushed.

    As others have said it’s also possible she has some sore spots or just gets over stimulated with the brush on certain parts of her body. If I let my one of my cats choose where to be brushed it’ll only ever be on his face.

  6. You’re using a flea comb on her! That doesn’t feel good— try getting a softer brush that doesn’t have little metal spines- like a horsehair/soft brush. She’ll probably like that!

  7. Swishy tail, ears, grumbling, hissing. She is about 3 seconds away from scratching you.

    Could be she likes the attention but not the brush. Or she’s annoyed by something else. Or there’s a specific spot she hates. Either way, she’s wound up.

  8. Lol the cat is in a shit mood but can’t say no to scritches. Mine does this. He wants to attack but knows no scritches if attacky

  9. I’m not a cat expert, I’ve never had one, I’m terrified of them. I am, however, the owner of a dog who sends mixed signals so I can relate there. My dog growls and wrinkles his nose all the time. ONLY AT HOME, for the record. To people who don’t know him they probably think he’s mean. He’s just talking. He’s never once been actually aggressive. He’s just talking. I chalk it up to him not having a mom or littermates (health reasons and he was a solo pup) to teach him how to dog.

    Anyway, all this to say, maybe she’s just being talkative and doesn’t know how threatening she sounds? She could escape if she wanted, you’re not blocking her or holding her. I’d go with the others here to say check her skin while doing a massage or snuggling. Maybe try a different brush that she doesn’t know? To see if she reacts the same?

  10. She enjoys the attention, but it might be the type of brush you are using. The brushy bristles or style or even how it looks might just be setting her off.

    As well, it may very well be certain areas the brush touches due to the sensitive skin or just personality quirk. There might also be an underlying issue with her skin that makes her grumbly.

    A quick chat with your vet and maybe looking at different brush styles can help.

  11. Could be neurogenic dermatitis where any sensation of bugs or itching causes anxiety.

    Edit: Cat skin is very thin. Humans have 10 layers and using a metal flea comb still hurts. A cat or dog only have 3 layers of skin. It could be the comb is poking over bony areas even though you are being very gentle and slow. Maybe try a infant brush. She seems to appreciate getting some shed/undercoat removed.

    Edit: A rubber grooming mitten might be a option to try. They remove shed and undercoat without poking and breaking hair. Combs like furminators can damage hair and skin, especially for combination coated animals. Deshedding rakes are good but they’re metal.

  12. She likes some of it hates some of it, if I had to guess. I think the other commenters are right about her loving attention but feeling unsure about that brush or being brushed in certain spots.

  13. It looks to me like she likes the attention but perhaps you’re being too rough with the brush. Try brushing VERY gently or just petting/scratches. Some cats like being pet/scratched only in certain areas, like head/neck or back/near tail

  14. Why not both? Cats are a mess of complex emotions.

    Maybe it’s an “I hate that I love this and am very cross about it” thing. Or an “I’m pissed off about something, but I like chin scratches with brush” thing. Or an “I better keep the servants guessing, so they trip over themselves to try to please me.” thing.

  15. I think the brush may be too rough/sharp/irritating in some way, and kitty may have sensitive skin in some areas. Try finding a brush with softer, more gentle bristles, or a glove. She seems like she’s trying to enjoy it but it’s too much for her.