Iran’s Exiled Prince Calls On Protesters To Continue Until…

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Iran’s Exiled Prince Calls On Protesters To Continue Until Victory

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  1. This is one of those “good message, bad messenger” bits. Iranians should protest, but that doesn’t mean they have to invite the monarchy back in again.

    And for full disclosure, I am a republican (no, not *those* Republicans).

  2. Before the “b-b-but 1953!!!!” people show up in here, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi has said that he favours a constitutional monarchy similar to the UK, where he would be head of state, as opposed to how his father was as Shah where it was an absolute monarchy.

  3. Get a job loser.

    This guy proposes a return to monarchy (ceremonial ofc where he gets free money and fame to do nothing)

  4. His family is part of the reason this is happening. The US and Britain helped overthrow a democratically elected president with the Shah who turned out to be trash.

  5. Nope. If anything, people don’t want to regress into monarchy either. Maybe initially some people were.. but not anymore. To roughly translate one of the recent rallying chants:

    “Death to the oppressor, whether its the shah or the supreme leader”

  6. His father’s regime was as worse as the ayatollah’s, his secret police the Savak turned to the ayatollah, they are what they call today the guardians of the revolution (pasdaran)

  7. Dudes family was super brutal – maybe even more than this regime. Ain’t nobody wanna hear from him. Let’s hear from Mossadeghs family.

  8. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 52%. (I’m a bot)
    > Iran's exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi called for the continuation and expansion of protests in the country as Iranians are out on the streets over the death of a hijab victim.

    > Pahlavi lauded "The brave and justice-seeking women" of Iran and participation of different strata of the Iranian society in the ongoing protests, adding that the events of the last few days would foil the Islamic Republic's efforts "To create division" among Iranians.

    > The latest round of nationwide protests in Iran appears to be different from the protests that have rocked the Islamic Republic since 2017 in more than one way.

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  9. On behalf of most Iranians: Take your constitutional monarchy bullshit and go away. We want true democracy and nobody even cares about this dude.

  10. When saying nothing was the actual way for the son of the deposed Shah to support the protesters.

    He’s showing himself to be clueless at delicate moments, just like his father.

  11. If the people of Iran want a constitutional monarchy instead of their current government, that’s their decision.

    Personally, I think it would be an improvement over their current system, and it’s not like the guy is advocating a return to the bad old days.

  12. Yeah I am sure he would love to see a return of the royal family. Sure Iran’s current regime sucks. But there is a reason this puke is in exile.

  13. Hey guys, I’m over here, it’s where I fled, leaving you all to be slaughtered, or otherwise ruled as beasts. I’m doing great with my millions. Oh boy, glad the dollar is kicking ass right now. Whoohoo! Anyways, love what you’re doing, keep it up. As soon as you make the place safe for me again I’ll be back to rule over you! Much love.