Iranian President cancels interview with CNN broadcaster,…

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Iranian President cancels interview with CNN broadcaster, Christiane Amanpour, because she refused to wear headscarf

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  1. For perspective and why these religious demands are so ridiculous:
    “Dutch PM cancels interview with journalist because they refused to wear wooden shoes.”

  2. I don’t get it, if only Muslim women are supposed to wear a hijab why are non Muslim women also expected to do so in these interactions?

  3. Iran is so interesting. They ousted their US backed dictator peacefully, to only install theocracy. With that comes things like mandates for women to dress modestly according to scripture.

    Which apparently can lead to death and chaos by enforcing said mandate.

  4. Imagine being a leader of a country and starting a war with headwear, and losing.

    Holy shit what a sad ass human.

    Edit: Kim Jong-un should be taking notice rocking that dumbass haircut he has.

  5. She should have agreed to wear it, and then taken it off live on camera. Refusing to wear it ahead of time is just giving this piece of shit an easy way out. It would have been 1000 times more powerful for her to take it off in front of him and therby to put him on the spot. He would have been absolutely destroyed by her. She is an exceptionally brilliant woman, and he could not have possibly won a debate with her. It would have been epic to watch her destroy him, and then him run away like the little bitch that he is!

  6. As always, the religious conservative thinks that it’s his “religious freedom” to control other people.

  7. CNN handled this wrong.

    You agree, and change who is doing the interview. Now Chris Amanpour is doing the interview.

    Don’t let him know that Chris identifies as a woman until the end of the interview.

  8. If I were her I’d have accepted and then taken off the scarf in the middle of the interview, put him in the spot and see what he does. Either way it would send a strong message and gone viral.

  9. And shall I remind or let you guys know how hijab/burqa thing was created according to quran/hadith it wasnt even god(allah) who came up with this idea but it was one of Muhammad’s friend who asked him to tell his wives/women to cover up Muhammad interestingly enough apparently denied his request at first butt one time 1 of Muhammads wives sauda I believe went for her bathroom needs I believe outside AT NIGHT and Muhammad’s perv friend decided to sneak there and say “yaa (means hey) sauda I see you” so afterwards Allah decided to give the rules to veil women 🗿

  10. I mean, I’m interested to hear what the dude has to say, even if it all turns out to be jingoism. Maybe they should’ve sent a man? I respect her decision not to, but you can interview with someone else.

  11. Best possible optics for further spurring popular discontent with the Iranian government. It’ll likely inspire more women against the regime.

  12. This whole Iran situation is making me wonder, was life better before the Islamic revolution(eg., shah reza’s reign) or after it?

  13. I’m very iffy on my qur’an knowledge, but if she isn’t muslim wouldn’t THAT supercede the headscarf and therefore it’d be pointless to demand one? Unless it was a holy place I guess, but it’s in New York in the CNN headquarters, no?

  14. Should have agreed and then taken it off live on air to let the world see just how much of a whiny bitch-boy his reaction would be.

  15. Thank you for using a picture of her instead of him! The bad guys almost always get top billing in these kinds of stories, and it’s destructive af.

  16. > Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, canceled an interview **in New York**, United States, with CNN broadcaster, Christiane Amanpour, at the last minute after she refused to wear a headscarf, Amanpour said, on Thursday.

    **My emphasis bold.**

    Why is this news? Of course she’s not wearing one, she’s conducting business as she has the right to her on her own soil. I feel this would be bigger news if she was in Iran.

  17. It was actually The Thetans. Engrams are difficult to transmit. But Thetans are like viruses. They can hop from head to head, like psycho-electronic head lice.

    I can list fewer than five major-personality Iranians suffering from Thetans. I cannot say the same for the West.