Iran restricts access to Instagram as protests intensify -…

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Iran restricts access to Instagram as protests intensify – NetBlocks

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  1. Because of course they did. This is what fascism looks like. Iran is a theocracy with fake elections and Islamofascist values. Many people aren’t allowed to have an education or work because of their religion, and many have been imprisoned or murdered for their beliefs. Normal citizens and activists alike are considered traitors and spies.

    The only surprise here is that they allowed access to Instagram to begin with.

  2. Fuck all of these governments trying to control people. There’s too much open information out there to be manipulative any longer. Fuck any body of govt that tells people what is right and what to do and that’s pretty much all of them. Here’s to a GLOBAL REVOLUTION

  3. Yeah, now might be the time you say “Y’know what Ibrahim? I’m wondering if we should re-think this ‘clamp the lid down tighter’ strategy a little, admit that that was a dick move, and arrest and charge the people responsible”.

  4. My understanding is that instagram is insanely popular in Iran. This could cause even wider protests. People who are fine with the hijab may be incensed about their social media disappearing. I think the government just made their nuisance into a cataclysm.

  5. as westerners, is there anything we can do to help amplify the videos and messages being sent out of Iran on instagram? (aside from reposting them, of course).

  6. This is why there should always be both public and private internet access. One to help dictate the other. So if the government goes crazy congratulations you now have private networks to use. Corporations go crazy congratulations you now have government systems to use. Both go crazy? You have bigger issues than being on the internet. You’re in the middle of a war in some way shape or form civil or otherwise.