Iran: a woman sits on a utility box and cuts her hair in…

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Iran: a woman sits on a utility box and cuts her hair in Kerman to protest Masha Amini’s murder. Protesters chant, "Death to the dictator." from BeAmazed

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. It’s amazing how one incident can spark a revolution. All I can say for Iran is it’s about time and I hope these women don’t stop until change is achieved.

  2. These authoritarian regimes would prefer to kill all of those people before being forced to change a las by popular demand and make them look weak.
    Pretty sure the propaganda machine is busy at finding a way to pin this down on invisible western forces infiltrated in the country.

  3. I get the chills when I see this. This is extremely brave, and I really hope they’ll get the freedom and life they deserve!

  4. Lol @ the Americans up in here trying to compare their country to Iran because of a few policies that aren’t even culturally or geopolitically in the same ballpark. Man, is everyone there taught it’s the worst country to live in or are they all that ignorant.