Instagram vs candid photo

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  1. All the women who go overboard on filler like this look like they stole a teenagers face and are trying to wear it over their own. There is something so weird and unsettling about it.

  2. This is so sad. Her injector should be sued. If you google 2015 pics of her she was clearly aging and having work done, but looked great. Something very unsettling about moon face on someone this old and historically thin.

  3. I miss seeing wrinkles on mature women. I watched a 70s movie last week and was blown away by how natural the actor playing the mom looked. How did we get here.

  4. Wow. I just realised I’ve never seen a photo without her photoshopped at least slightly.
    I mean this lighting isn’t flattering but wow, that’s a different image to the one she publishes

  5. It’s very disheartening because I grew up when she was an icon. She had that woman-first message that women should claim their sexuality, “don’t fall for second best,” etc.

    And now, we’re here.

  6. She obviously doesn’t have friends. Just an entourage that want to reap the benefits of her celebrity and wealth. Aside from what she’s done to her face, the extreme editing of the photos – considering she’s famous and we all know what she really looks likes – makes me wonder if there’s mental illness there. Shes delusional. It’s sad.

  7. Holy shit she looks horrifying… She was gorgeous once and she would have aged so well. Is this really better than having wrinkles?! I dont think so. 😦☹

  8. Is that headband thing keeping her chin up? What a strange thing to wear all bow tied under your chin.

    I’m 51 and I’m not going to do a damn thing to my face except keep taking care of my skin, sunscreen, drink water, etc.

    As for the hands and wearing fingerless gloves, my hands have done so much in my life, I’ll love them no matter how spotted and gnarled and claw-like they get. I hope I scare children with them. 😂

    I also don’t dye my hair. Stopped about 8 years ago. I’m 90% silver and I love it. I think it’s gorgeous!

  9. She’s such a disappointment. I actually thought she had balls all these years. Turns out, she’s just a slave to what other people think.