1. Indians are a pretty forgotten group within both world wars. They were the largest volunteer army IIRC, they fought for the Brits despite being treated like shit. Defended India against the Japanese onslaught from the NorthEast. They were sent around the world from Europe to South East Asia and did well for themselves despite being an oppressed group of people

  2. 2 second search shows this wasn’t taken in France, but during the Mesopotamia campaign in the Middle East. Also, how hard is it to take a few moments to find a photo with no shitty caption under the photo?



    I swear, some of the things that are allowed to be posted on this sub are laughable, yet other post are held to high standards. Shitty, incorrect post from a now deleted account that needs to be removed.

  3. Last time I saw this photo, it was captured somewhere in the Middle-East and now it’s France? Which one is it?

  4. while his people’s food is taken to Europe as reserves and millions starve to death. While many British officers wrote back to Churchill , that racist scum continued on his genocide

  5. History is written by the victors. A good example of this is the Afghan Memorial that’s in my city. It holds only the name of fallen british officers. No mention of the troops who fought and died. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that not everyone forgets the past. Thank god for photographs. If we had to solely rely on written text, who knows what the history books might have said.

  6. uno reverse

  7. Sikh Soldier*

  8. Now I know where Rick James got his hair style.

  9. Or he’s taking the food

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