India is the worst nation ever.

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+1114 – I’m 22 M, and I live in India.

Idk how many of you know about this shithole nation.

We are famous for our cringe movies and population.

Yes, we breed like chickens.

Every year, Indians make as many babies as the entire population of Australia and New zealand combined.

Our excuse?

China is a well-developed country and they are more populated than us. So if they can, why shouldn’t we?

And mind you, this excuse comes from the educated high class retards. 90% of Indians haven’t even been to high school and even if they did, they still don’t know jackshit about overpopulation, depleting resources and a crumbling economy.

China is a well-developed tier-1 nation, that has the biggest economy and per capita income. They also have great infrastructure, better facilities for the public and has better access to resources to cater to the needs of majority of it’s population.

Indians on the other hand, are just straight up 1.7 Billion retarded idiots who are born into poverty or middle class, gets married when they can’t even afford a cycle, has a kid when they have 15 loans and 13 pending credit card bills.

And when these kids grow up into their early adult years, these fuckers throw them down the rabbit hole of capitalism to burn their dreams and be a slave so that these young bloods can waste their entire money to take care of their sick, broke and retarded parents.

If this isn’t the most fucked up system ever, idk what is.

#fuckindianculture #fucktheseclowns #breedingmachines

2022-08-06 07:17:38

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  1. I’m watching the Butcher of Delhi on Netflix right now and have a lot of empathy for you. Before reading your post it got me thinking of how it’s like Russian roulette with what location on the planet that vagina you pop out of determines so much to the point of pure misery and suffering, or maybe a good life. The odds of getting the good life are stacked against the majority of the planet though.

  2. Get you man. I’m even a little surprised for a person in India to think like this. The guys spill. Kinda same situation in Uganda, Africa where the poorest families have the most kids, like 6,7,8,9. And you find most kids sleeping in the same bed, in crappy dirty unfinished rooms. And the most parents, they are the biggest assholes. Most kids here can’t go to school let alone dig in acres of land from age 5. And the whole atmosphere of this hell made me rethink my intentions. Im 22 no plans. I rarely even talk to people here they have blurred thinking. The shabbiness here is beyond comprehension. Here, you can only try and fix your home to your liking, nothing else. You’re very wise.

  3. Can relate totally. I’m Indian and let me tell you my parents gave birth to me when my father was earning 2000 rupees as his monthly salary and they sent me into a shit school because of it. Never had enough for the three of us but then again they wanted more kids so now I have a brother and a sister and our life is so shit. Sometimes we barely see food in our refrigerator. And whenever I try to ask my mother what was the reason to breed these many children when we are this broke… she leaves the room.

  4. You didn’t even bring up the fact that because they’re so many people, even if you do higher degree studies, you most likely don’t even find a job.

  5. One of my neighbors vacationed in India and said “It was beautiful, I cried every day I was there. It made me so thankful”

    That’s how I knew it was fucked up.

  6. Now this post will be shared on the right-wing sub of India and the idiots will squeal about culture, tradition and nationalism.

    I really hope they pass a one-child policy in India. But they won’t because then they won’t be able to exploit cheap labor like China does.

  7. Do people there really have there tons of kids just bc they think it will piss China off? Isn’t it like a cultural thing? My friends who are Indian (and live in other countries) all have kids because….well just because

  8. I’m sorry to hear your country has logic on the subject like that. I know that you guys are big on upping the population over there, but I’ve never heard it put in those terms before, the fact that India is your home makes it heartbreakingly poignant.

    I resent the fact that “the more lives we bring in, the sooner we all die” won’t sink in, but mending a relationship, for welfare, because China does it, because god(s) said so, babies are cute, etc does not fucking compete. The world is either run by intentionally cruel people, or complete fucking morons. We’re over here not having kids like we’re trying to put out a forest fire with a garden hose.

  9. While China has higher stats in some areas, they actually have pretty stark differences in quality of life between urban and rural areas. Unfortunately, developing countries tend to sort of…lag behind in getting rural areas especially up to the standard of living in urban areas, but I digress.

    I can’t say I know too much about India, though I do love the movies (sorry, OP). As India continues to develop, though, it’s likely that birthrates will fall dramatically and eventually stabilize. It’s simply one of those things that takes time.

  10. I am an indian, and whatever he said is true. Moreover, people are looked down for not getting married and having children.

  11. …what the fuck is this life. A simulation? How can people not think with their head. Why the fuck I’m alive. Must be hard living with all those unaware and selfish people. Sending strenght fellow human.

  12. Off-topic but is “breed like chickens” the phrase in India? We’d say “breed like rabbits” in the west. Just curious

  13. I’m an Indian antinatalist, and while I absolutely hate the breeder culture in India, I feel like your post should be worded better. You should know that Reddit is full of racists who know absolutely nothing about the country, and you’re making it easier for cunts to be cunts.

    Also no one has kids because they wanna beat China, stop lying outright. People have kids for many stupid reasons, but that really isn’t one of them.

  14. I kinda feel like I knew all this, but thanks for giving this perspective. It’s too bad that the whole country has drank the Kool aid. Have you tried to leave there? Easier said than done I know

  15. Well, I see your point but please bare in mind that the system is fucked up – current capitalism favours the rich and these 0.1% bring most of the world’s destruction, either as forcing people to be dependent of fossil fuels or just their destructive lifestyle.

    There are studies about the subject and I think it’s safe to say that “overpopulated” India is not the actual problem, more like a consequence of fucked up system we live in.

  16. As an Indian, this is way too accurate and I’m here wondering why these idiots in india are not realising it.

  17. I’ve also heard India has a huge population of men compared to women because of the stigma of having a male oldest child where they will just abort if the first child is a female. Creates huge problems for men there.

    Not sure how true this is.

  18. Im reading your post and cant help but to feel hopeless. I think that youre doing the right thing by not bringing anymore human beings into this insane planet. **Im curious about something though, and maybe you can attest to this. Indian people seem to be quite nosy, how will you manage this in your culture whenever people ask you why you have no children?** Again, it pains me to read your post due to how true it is. Just do what you need to do to get by, tend to your personal business, and not repeat the mistakes of others.

  19. I think you are getting downvoted because people are super touchy on other races lol. Don’t want to seem racist, even if the race is your own.

  20. This is what happens in a religiously brainwashed community with a ultra conservatism brainrot. Also where women are seen as ‘items’ rather than human beings and no proper sex education. Indian here, I feel you brother.

  21. What is the fertility rate in India in comparison to other countries? It the birth rate above or below replacement level?

  22. I am scared that the system will fail in India and all the Indians will flee to other countries. Both worst tourists and worst immigrants. I hope it won’t happen…

  23. Well, do they not know that China did make it illegal at one point to not have more than one kid due to overpopulation? I’m not sure how practically that law could be applied and reinforced where you are, but that was a thing.

  24. Growing up in a country which isn’t as economically advanced as some of the Nordic countries can be really frustrating at times especially if you aren’t from a very privileged background but I feel we need to focus more on the resources available at our disposal and what we can do with them instead of focusing on our constraints.

    Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be completely delusional and deny the existence of the constraints, be aware of the constraints, acknowledge them but don’t focus on them. Always focus on the resources and see what’s the best you can do with them. It really helps build a constructive mindset and that can really take you places.

  25. And the American south thinks all foreigners are alien to them, this could describe the Bible Belt man.

    It’s a human thing. What even **is** the impact of the decisions people make?

  26. What do you think is the reason? Religion? Lack of sex education? BTW 40% of China’s population are dirt-poor. And it’s a dictatorship where most people are brainwashed with no rights and freedom. It’s just another level of fuck-up.

  27. How dare you criticize our perfect secular and democratic country where cows are given more rights than a Muslim man, where one will be trampled to death every morning on trains to reach work , where our holy rivers are polluted that even Godzilla would say fuck no, where the politicians are running a shit show and civilians are afraid to speak up in fear of their house being demolished, where our population is increasing and engineers have to drive auto rickshaws and Uber eats delivery to earn a living?

  28. china would be bigger if they didn’t have that 1 kid per fam law for some time (are they allowed 2 now? i forgot)

    i’m curious what your stance is on “travelers” is, considering they originated from india/middle east some centuries ago, and they’re still traveling and breeding to this day

  29. As much as the rage against overpopulation is valid and Indians should not be having kids if they can’t, the tone of this post feels like a rant of someone who is watching people around him succeed while he is jobless venting his anger out on reddit. There is a pretty strong sustainable movement among young people who do not plan on having children and southern India has a thriving population of matured people who really have nothing to do with all the negative connotations in the post. India is a vast country, just because you were born in a fucked up part doesn’t make the rest of the country a hell.

  30. I agree totally. I can’t understand what’s the problem of people being so obsessed with having kids in our country. They can’t even feed themselves properly, give themselves a decent standard of living and go on popping kids and complain about poverty. What else did you expect you fucking retard. And when I tell my friends that I won’t have kids, they say shit like, “Oh you’ll change your mind, you’re just 21”, “Who will take care of you when you’re old? Who will continue your legacy?”, “You’ll never get a guy who doesn’t want a child”, “I’d tell your husband to never use a condom”, to which I say if I ever get pregnant I’ll either get it aborted or kill myself, then they say “I wish abortion was illegal in india”. Excuse me??? just because I have a uterus doesn’t mean I want a child for fuck’s sake. Who the hell are you to take away a woman’s rights. Hearing opinion from such people makes my blood boil.

  31. Even my Indian bros in the UK don’t want to ever go to India again.

    I know an anglo-indian guy, in his 60s, been trying to ‘buy’ a teenage wife from India for years now. He came close once but just got robbed instead.

    He once told me, alongside his two teenage sons –
    “Remember boys, a man can be anything – but a woman can only ever be a woman.”

  32. I don’t know how you do it, all those people… crammed into these city landscapes that are so tight. Makes me shudder.