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  1. BREAKING: Once again, the Daily Wire demonstrates that they are all idiots and massive bigots with the subtlety and grace of a tap dancing knight in full plate mail.

    “I really feel like the world just isn’t convinced yet that I am the trashiest person alive,” Matt Walsh told reporters. “There is no low I won’t stoop to.”

  2. Can we point out that a lot of POC characters have already been whitewashed in Hollywood for years. The oldest one I can think of the type of my head is John Wayne portraying Genghis Khan and the lastest one I can remember is the Alpha movie where Emma Stone character was half Polynesian. Also Angelina Jolie once played a half black character (there literally darkened her skin and gave her a curly haired wig.) The Original West Side Story movie only had one Puerto Rican and had the white actors wearing making to darken their skin. Scarlett Johansson, need I say more. And there’s so many more examples but they don’t care.

  3. I’d love to see a white man in blackface playing a civil rights leader just to show the world how fucking racist they really are.

    Or a white man straight faced playing a black man and literally nobody acknowledges it which sounds like a comedy powerhouse of a movie.

  4. Malcolm isn’t a character though, he was an actual human.

    Mermaids aren’t real. Even if they were, marine mammals usually aren’t white. Except of course the beluga and the narwhal, but fuck those guys. Ariel should also have like way more blubber.

  5. Reminds me of that movie made by the ex mma woman fighter. Entire marketing scheme was “they tried to cancel her”

  6. Ariel’s not even a woman anyways! She doesn’t have the biology that is the only determining factor if someone is a woman or not. We need to see a chart of “her” chromosomes before we even begin talking about representation.

  7. Why the fuck can’t these people understand the difference between altering a fictional character and a real person? Fucking hell.

  8. I wish I could just sit around, say stupid shit all day, and pretend to make movies with my Nazi friends, all while getting paid unconscionable amounts of money. Like Adam Sandler, but a Nazi, and even worse at making movies.

  9. John Wayne as fucking GENGHIS KHAN is just sick to death of characters being cast as the wrong, not white race.

    Mostly because John Wayne was a racist piece of shit who couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag and just played the same role over and over like every terrible conservative actor.