1. Excellent. Is there anyone now left who will recognise Russia’s annexations and therefore right to retaliation?

  2. Can tell you right now, Xi is laughing his ass off at Putin over this. Based on the philosophy that a leader doesn’t go to war until the fight is won, Russia has in fact lost, what even their own people have to call a “war” now. This isn’t a back and forth for years population cleansing special military operation, it WAS. But now, it’s turned into “How to lose a war in 10 WAYS”. If I were the world’s number 2 arms seller, I would be worried about my customers coming back. Especially worse that Putin can’t even trust his staff, flatly embarrassing for him. How does he even go outside now? Face anyone? How is there no second in command to put him in an asylum? Too much, hurt brain.

  3. Fantastic ! Another one right up Putin’s ass.

    – Serbia refusal was good. They still entered into a protocol with Russia

    – Kazakhstan refusal was great. CSTO member with Russia / received their support in an uprising. This one really hurt.

    – Israel refusal is fantastic. They are very influent and usually try to stay neutral with Russia.

    Now if China could say something a little clearer than ““China has always maintained the sovereign and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected” that would be pretty much game over. I don’t know if it’s possible because they probably worded very carefully that on purpose.

    But if the US can convince China here, to make just this little and final but most important step it would make pretty clear that the world tell Russia their circus act is worth less than shit.

  4. Oh fuck off Haaretz lmao. Israel has done more for Ukraine than 95% of non-NATO countries.

  5. i mean, that’s the bare minimum.. from the way the title is composed sounds like we are supposed to be thankful…

  6. Kinda reminds me of the world’s rebuke to isreal’s annexation of the West Bank. Human rights violations left and right, the world doesn’t support them.

  7. I guess this is what Israel does instead of helping by sending weapons to Ukraine?

  8. Congrats on making a move towards the bare minimum required to be even adjacent to the right side of history.

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