In first, gay Democrat and gay Republican face off in…

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In first, gay Democrat and gay Republican face off in congressional race

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  1. I’ll never understand gay Republicans. I get that your vote is your own, but your party is perfectly fine with violence being committed against you and actively uses your lifestyle as a bogeyman on what will happen if you vote Democrat.

  2. For the first time in american history two openly gay candidates, one democrat and one republican are competing for the same seat!

  3. Well the gqp candidate is clearly delusional. His own party hates him having rights, after all. In the pretend reality of trump world, he would be a nonperson… Imagine being even more delusional than that and thinking they’d only do that to the_bad_ gays

  4. The fact that the supreme court is going to overturn marriage rights for same sex couples, makes these elections important.

    The Republican candidate sounds like he’s hiding discussing this issue, and you can’t really pretend this problem is going to go away.

  5. Did anyone point out yet that it’s unlikely anyone may give a straight answer in a debate against each other?

  6. Isn’t “gay Republican” an oxymoron? Or just a moron. Clearly, buddy loves his money more than he loves himself. Because dude, they HATE you.

  7. “Do you support your party’s efforts to minimize us as a people, and at worst make us a targeted community for extralegal punishment”

    The only question required. This is the same as running a black candidate for the kkk.

  8. I would argue that the gay Democrat would have more of an ability to help push national policies to help his constituents. The gay Republican would have a much harder time getting his fellow Republican to support his efforts.