If you flash your stash she will come…

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  1. Hoping my silver stash will bring all the boys to my yard and one of them will make it past the firing squad & marry Me some day.

  2. if she’s coming to you for your silver I’d show her the door immediately. you want a girl to be with you for you. but if she’s with you without knowing about your stack she could be a keeper.

    simping isn’t attractive to a girl. King Sobieski III will approve.

    nice stack btw.

  3. Here in NE Wisconsin most people have German ancestry. We work hard and we play (drink) hard. After that it’s Polish and Dutch ancestry.

    I’m 1/4 Swedish and a 1/4 Belgian. I’m 6’3″ but I look Belgian. On the Swedish side I have cousins who are 6’7″, 6’6″, 6″5″, and 6’4″.

    My dad had the hair and skin tone like a Frenchman but he had the nose of a Swede.

  4. The true genius in the post is in my first comment but old comments dont show up well. Make sure to look for it.