If you could bring one exotic from D1 to D2, which would it…

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  1. Ruin wings. Even if they change the exotic perk entirely, they were just a really cool looking set of arms.

  2. Patience and Time. Loved the look of it, d2 version would probably be different but man I miss that fucker

  3. I know that it’s riskrunner now, but Zhalo Supercell is close to me as the first exotic I got on Xbox. (Which me getting on Xbox is when I really started playing more.)

  4. TLALOC.

    What was normally a mediocre scout would just turn into an absolute beast, deleting guardians left and right, once you had a full super charged up.

    I pretty much stopped using my Warlock super after I got that weapon. Holy cow so much fun

  5. Zen Meteor. Not because it was my favorite but because I’ve never used it. I was an Xbox player till forsaken so never got the chance to use it

  6. Ok so I played D1 and just got into D2 a couple months ago. I got Crimson the other day and could’ve sworn I’d used it before. Turns out I totally forgot about Red Death, the coolest looking gun in the history of D1.

  7. The Glasshouse Titan helmet. Not the prettiest thing in the world but the extra duration for weapons of light was extremely useful in a time limited DPS phase.

  8. honestly i’d rather see exotic revamps before i see any new exotics added. i feel like every exotic should have a use, regardless of the meta, and there are several exotics out there that aren’t used any more because they don’t fit into the current meta.

  9. I’ve only ever wanted Red Death and Ice Breaker back.

    (This ended up being a fantastic way to spot people I need to block)

  10. I know we have RiskRunner, but would love Zhalo supercell to come back. Loved my arc AK and the iron sight was crisp.

  11. Patience and Time or Hereafter would be great to see they weren’t really the best but alot of fun and fit my ambush play style

  12. Zen Meteor would be nice, but its perk needs an overhaul. Tlaloc would be awesome, but had to be usable for all classes. Plan C also comes to mind, maybe as a stasis version.