If it was only 100,000

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  1. The person I hate most is either myself or one of the billionaires who wouldn’t even notice an extra $100k going into their account so I’ll take that bonus $50k thanks

  2. Well, the people that I hate the most are the billionaire bigots, so fuck yeah I’m taking that 50k

  3. Counter-offer. The working class gets their money and assets back from the capitalist class, gets the means of production, and any capitalists that agree and assist get to keep their lives.

  4. I would do it cos he’s a billionaire and so it’s basically a rounding error for him, wouldn’t even notice

  5. So long as I don’t have to do any actual work I’ll take the $50k and let my most hated enemy have his $100k. It’s tough out there.

  6. Yes the people I hate most are all politicians and they are already rich from insider training so extra money to them doesn’t really matter

  7. Who do I have to piss off to make that $100,000? And how many people can I piss off to make $100,000 from each? That’s where the money is at!