I watched a parent sit on the phone while 2 kids made…

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+2738 – I watched a parent sit on the phone while 2 kids made volcanoes at a Jersey Mike’s and then just leave.

2022-08-06 15:09:03

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  1. restaurants and the service industry are struggling to survive. time for operators to institute and publish cleaning fees, and have the balls to enforce them.

  2. Just to be clear, this is a kit that involves making a plaster cast of a volcano and using vinegar and baking soda that does not come with the kit to create the reaction. All they did was make a giant mess of hard plaster.

  3. When I used to work at a breakfast place we had trays of sugar packets on the tables, and kids would routinely rip them all open and dump them on the table. I’d say 90% of parents thought it was cute for them to draw in the sugar, and then left it all for me to clean up. One time I even saw a kid literally drinking right out of the maple syrup container, and the mom was just chillin on her phone not paying attention at all. Yes by the way, I washed it.

  4. its crazy some people don’t believe in karma or whatever you wanna call it, if you do something like this its almost certain that you will encounter a similar inconvenience later that day or week similar to what you caused.

  5. It’s funny that a lot of people in this thread assume it was a mom automatically; it just says “a parent”. I pictured a shitty, disinterested Dad, myself. I have no point to make at all here, just mildly interesting

  6. This is fairly mild compared to the grotesque murders and swindling children posts in this subreddit.