I think the warranty thing is getting to him a bit. Since…

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  1. He’s backed into a corner because he can’t come out of this without looking like a hypocrite.

    He has to battle with his personal pro-consumer stance and his CEO best-for-business stance.

    It’s pro-consumer to provide a warranty, but creates more work for him as a business owner. At the same time, if Linus reviewed a product with a warranty that is ‘ You have no legal protection, trust me bro we got you’, we’d get an hour long rant about it on the WAN show about how anti-consumer it is.

  2. Holy sh!t this has gone wildly off the rails. It sounds like expectations get raised when you’re not just hocking $30 t shirts.

    After all these years of berating motherboard manufacturers for poor warranty and support the chickens have come home to roost.

    Couple things to remember:
    1) Creator warehouse / store was created because they’d never be able to get business loans using donations as revenue. They need to appear as a legitimate revenue generating company.

    2) Liability stays with the corporation not the shareholders so I’m not sure what his ‘family’ has to do with it. Seems like he’s just pointed out the huge flaw in his rationale.

    “I could just fold the co and you would be sol” is the worst look on the back of the product launch.

  3. linus has a really bad ego problem right now and it’s bordering on dangerous

    any time people bring up “what are you going to do for lmg in the future” he says “well the world might end so who knows”

    linus now has over 100 people he’s looking after, and all of them have families and need to pay their bills

    we need to stop with the “well i might just die lol” because that mindset is gonna get people hurt if he doesn’t start seeing linus media as bigger than him

  4. Sorry, but this is the worst response from him for a while.

    Unlike merch and those fashion products, screwdriver is a tool for use either personal or commercial job to repair things. It can break overtime and need warranty to replace or fix it. Same as backpack.

    Some may fine to buy cheap tools and thrown away when broken, but with professional and high-quality looks and expensive tools are not junk tool. Customer expect warranty and can be use for years without issue with expensive price tag.

    They want new product from LTT. That is one thing. But they also expect warranty and responsible from LTT too when their product broken, wearout or defect in acceptable timeframe and normal usage.

  5. Yeah, this is confusing. It sounds like he is using an extreme scenario of not offering an official warranty to explain his rationale.

    However I’m confused by this whole thing because my country has laws which don’t let the manufacturer choose if something does or does not have a warranty it’s offered by consumer law. Honestly blew my mind that Canada doesn’t have this.

  6. Of course it makes a difference because it sets a baseline of expectation for what’s covered and shows the manufacturer has confidence in the product that they are willing to back up.

    If he closed the company just because of warranty claims then he’d also be losing the business he’s built up his whole life so that’s a pretty unlikely outcome. If the company folded anyway people wouldn’t expect their warranty to be honored. If he’s saying offering a warranty would mean the company fails then he’s saying that he expects a lot of warranty claims therefore the product isn’t as durable as he says.

  7. How is he acting so irrationally? I’m usually 100% with him but on this he’s acting so weird.

    Edit: please stop upvoting! We’re at 69!

  8. It actually does make a difference. If there is no formalised warranty policy he can just choose to not do anything for you and you will be out of luck.

  9. This is so Illigal in europe. Can’t believe he does this….

    “Just trust me bro…”

    Yeah right


    Canceled my 2 backpacks. He can suck dick.

  10. Amazing how he is missing his own point.

    He has multiple times said he tries call out other businesses, and if he steps out we are the once to call him out. I would say this is one of those incidents that he needs to be reminded of that.

  11. Giving your product a warranty is how you get people to trust your product. If you’re unwilling to provide a warranty, I’m less trusting of the product.

    Linus seems to always want to have the *ability* to be pro-consumer without the *obligation* of being pro-consumer. Same with labor laws. Unions are great… until we talk about LMG unionizing. Then it’d be a personal failure on his part.

    I feel like Linus still thinks of himself as an average consumer and end user who just so happens to be at the head of a multi-million dollar internet tech entertainment company. It seems to me that he feels that the standards to which he holds other companies don’t apply to him, because he’s “just Linus”. “Companies need to guarantee and stand behind the quality of their products… except for me, because I’m not a company, I’m Linus! I’m your bud! I’d never screw you over on a purchase like this!”

    From what I’ve seen of Linus on the WAN Show and throughout my years of watching scripted videos: if Linus the person needed to borrow $250 with the promise of getting me back in six months, I wouldn’t think twice. The guy seems like he’s got integrity out the ass. But Linus the business owner is a lot different than Linus the person, and I’m not just going to trust the friendly smiling face I see in videos to provide me with an enthusiast-grade item from an unproven company without *some* kind of actual guarantee that I’m not gonna be out $250 if they happened to miss something in the manufacturing process

  12. “No warranty because my business could go bankrupt” is the lamest excuse ever. No shit, Sherlock. No warranty means only that we can’t trust you, period.

  13. I get the point, but as he always said, you shouldn’t trust a corporation that they’ll do everything right. It’s really hard not to come out of this as a hypocrite

  14. He keeps digging this hole deeper and deeper. I’m astounded that he’s managed to do this many mental gymnastics to essentially call every warranty policy on the planet bs because at any moment the company could just fold. This from the guy who is supposed to be pro-consumer!?!

  15. As real customer( I can provide receipts )
    This comment from Linus made me feel sad
    “Our customers (the ones who actually buy stuff, not people who complain on reddit).
    Good one lins

  16. probably the worst argument i’ve seen to come out from linus.

    if they offered warranty, it would be legally required for them to satisfy it. “he could just close down the business”. sure, but that would cost him much more than it cost the consumers. would he close down LMG just because of memes/they do not want to commit to their warranty?

  17. Guys, this is becoming a bit too hate mongering. On that tweet thread, he literally said they’d [formalize a warranty policy and explained why he sees lifetime warranties as bullshit.](https://i.imgur.com/6k5tU4a.png)

    Edit: Holy shit, my first gold!? What!? Why!?

  18. Stick man 101

    “Oh you want warranty? I’ll just declare bankruptcy so you can’t have it even if I give it to you hurr hurrr”



  19. His main issue here is messaging. A clear message would be: “Warranties create a financial and legal obligation that we are not prepared to take on. I understand why other companies have limited or no warranties, but I still encourage companies to have clear warranties when possible. We’ll do our best to keep your trust and make things right for our customers, but sometimes we’ll get it wrong.”

    That’s way better than – what if I die?

  20. Closing the company to avoid warranty liabilities vs having the choice whether you want to honor those liabilities with no real consequences if you choose not to….

    Sorry but there’s a HUGE difference.

  21. Technically, you are covered by local legislation on warranties with the US and Canada.

    So is the issue that people want a longer warranty period or is it something else?

    Sorry late to the party on this. Twitter and here are just incoherent ramblings.

    EDIT: changed rumblings to ramblings, autocorrected, maybe.

  22. He doesn’t seem very confident in the quality. If it was really that good there shouldn’t be a problem?

  23. Why would he fold a seemingly hugely profitable company because a couple people got some bad backpacks?? It seems ignorant of me to just say “just give them a lifetime warranty” but it’s also stupid to be like “I’m not giving warranties and it’s valid because companies could just shutdown and not make due on the warranties”

    Linus is a cool guy but he shouldn’t be in charge of this stuff. I think it’s pretty clear he’s a motivated and creative person to try and be making these supposedly excellent products for the public but he should and I thought he already did know that business practices dictates that the consumer comes first. I’m thinking maybe he’s afraid that they’ll lose on profit or something, but, investing in such an expensive venture was never going to be easy. He’s clearly going in way over his head by investing his company in so many different directions with the screwdrivers, the backpacks, and his new office. Maybe not, maybe I’m just not understanding, but it seemed to me that him getting fucked over by getting scammed on the screwdrivers once, having to do a bunch of renovations to the office as well as planned expansions, I mean hell, the lab too!

    In one way, I get that his company is seemingly at its peak. He needs to grow it in every way, and he can definitely make it happen. But if he loses out on profit margins and instead loses like ten percent, which, hugely fucking doubtful. You still gain the trust of the consumers and they will buy your product again when you know what the fuck you’re doing

  24. The whole time he’s seemingly been suggesting that there’s a warranty that lasts the lifetime of the company, but doesn’t want to commit to actually stating this. Which is weird, because surely most people understand a company that has folded is in no position to provide a warranty on goods and services anyway.

    I don’t think this is in any way him trying to shirk responsibilities of providing a good warranty, he’s just being weird about stating the terms he clearly knows he’s operating under himself.

  25. well it “actually” does. i strongly disagree here. besides linus would be the guy to rant about it if any other company does this. just provide 1 year of warranty. better than nothing at all.

  26. Linus do be looking very hypocritical right now considering this is a premium product and his called our companies for not having warranties on premium products in the past

    I think Linus kinda missed a lot of peoples points. Yeah on a £30 T-shirt who gives a fuck about a warranty? Trust is enough on that level of money but with a £250 product expectations are very different

  27. Imagine Nothing Phone released with no official warranty and Carl Pei went on Twitter and said ‘trust me bro’. You think Linus would stop talking about that one? Blood for him, tomato juice for others.

  28. Lmfao he’s not going to kill his company he’s worked on for almost 2 decades because he doesn’t want to honour warranties. Just give us 3 years, does anyone actually expect a life time?

  29. The idea that warranties are useless because a company could go out of business is a true galaxy brain take.

  30. Man, I want to give Linus and LTT some slack but “just trust me” is a terrible response to warranty concerns.

  31. I always love this kind of arguments, if it doesn’t make a difference and there’s a large public outcry then just please the public, if it really doesn’t make a difference it shouldn’t be that hard to do one way or the other

  32. He lost the pedals here. This is getting worse and worse. What a PR cluster fuck.

    Also, trust me bro? Really?

  33. No I don’t trust. You. I don’t know you. I watch some of your videos. U have some good info. But you always seemed like the nerd that thought they were cool and turned on other nerds as soon as you had a little status. So I never trusted you bro.

  34. In Europe to sell something, legal, you need to provide a 1 year warranty, according to the law. And a 14 day return policy, no question asked.

  35. I think people would prefer a little formal protection for these products seeing how expensive they are. Even apple with all the hate they get from him for being anti-consumer provide a warranty and yes it could mean that if the company goes so does the warranty but if someone has a faulty product that breaks after a couple months they don’t want the company to be able to tell them to suck it since they’re at no obligation to sort the issue out

    However I’ve been saying for a while now, osprey is way better value than an ltt backpack and they offer a warranty so they’ll be keeping my business. I’ve also never had any issue with the screwdrivers I already have

  36. I can see both sides, but he should have at least a basic warranty in writing. Like a 90 day limited warranty is pretty common, then you can have your “I got you bro” warranty on top of that.

    The actual most realistic scenario is what if they ship out all these backpacks and then realize there was some manufacturing flaw that causes the zippers to break or something not right en-masse? What if the screwdrivers have some kind of coating on them that causes rashes or something? That would cost LMG thousands, if not millions in warranty claims and other liability.

    I think Business Linus wants to avoid getting f*cked like that and use the fact he expressed no written warranty to limit costs to his company, but I think Consumer Linus would agree in that scenario it would be on them to fix or replace the defective merchandise. Plus like everything else, there is insurance for scenarios like that where there’s a flaw in manufacturing or something like that.

    LMG is moving beyond being a small YouTuber to a medium-size business, as he scales up, costs increase exponentially. European-style consumer protections are expensive, anyone who has actually run a company or understands how businesses operate, these medium-size businesses simply can’t afford it to actually continue growing and operating. It’s a balance- maybe LMG could do a bit better, but I don’t think they can afford to do lifetime warranties and still produce backpacks and screwdrivers at a remotely profitable level. How many people will buy a $500 backpack and $200 screwdriver?

    At least they’re not like a Chinese “business” you find on Amazon who just appears one day, bootlegs some product and makes a shittier version for a fraction of the cost, then disappears once they’re done selling whatever it is they made. No warranty or recourse there.

  37. This is why you don’t go to a fucking YT channel to buy your consumer goods that cost lots of money. Stick with mouse mats, plushies, shirts and cups if you can’t offer warranty on $200-300 products.