1. Ultimate catloaf: no visible paws, no visible tail, AND no visible head. Orange perfection!

  2. I can’t tell that this is a cat, therefore I can only declare this is a ginger tribble instead.

  3. That box! 😂The sides are bulging and about to bust!!

  4. You’ve baked a furry loaf. I wonder what r/breaddit would say about this 😁

  5. OP that’s not a r/CatLoaf. You uploaded a literal piece of bread.

    But that’s okay. We’re all like orange cats. We all have only one orange braincell.

  6. Looks like the cat you ordered from IKEA still needs to be put together…

  7. OP quit your bullshit! There is no cat here. That is clearly just a box with an orange throw rug folded up in it.

    Edit: /s just to clear up any confusion

  8. What cat? All I see is o r a n g e

  9. Furry bread!

  10. Did the Braincell go with head and all?

  11. Cat? What cat? All I see is a fur lined box. Happy box, happy fur lining!

  12. thats no cat, thats some high quality illegal fur!

  13. r/tightpussy

  14. That isn’t a cat silly. It is a loaf of ginger bread.

  15. Get ‘em mods there’s no cat in this picture

  16. That’s some weird ass cereal you got brah

  17. Packed loaf

  18. he is one with the box

  19. OMG! That poor cat has no head.😆

  20. /r/TheCatTrapIsWorking

  21. Your new orange pillow has arrived. Includes self heating and vibration features.

  22. Wow. You got a serious cat loaf there

  23. what cat? all I see is a fur-bottomed box

  24. ![gif](giphy|26BRKVjKt826nuxC8)

  25. It’s a big tribble

  26. Pumpurrnickle bread

  27. r/forbiddensnacks reminds me of pasta bake with cheese in top

  28. I think your cat IS the box 😳

  29. Box is life, fam


  31. That’s not a cat anymore, that’s a furry pillow.

  32. are you sure? i think that’s a pillow

  33. there is no cat in this image

  34. A forbidden loaf.

  35. (cat)^3

  36. That’s a rug


  38. Your shipment of orange has arrived.

  39. There is absolutely not a cat here… Why are you telling lies?

  40. r/TheCatTrapIsWorking

  41. Oh, I thought the thumb was a [Castella Cake](https://www.sbs.com.au/food/sites/sbs.com.au.food/files/Castella.jpg) being unboxed! I’m subbed to so many Japanese food subs…

  42. Why are you showing us a picture of a random loaf of pumpkin bread?

  43. Bro I’m sorry to tell you this, but I think your bread got a bit fuzzy

  44. What cat?

  45. Sir, that’s a loaf of bread

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