I think I might’ve been a little too nice to the cat from…

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I think I might’ve been a little too nice to the cat from down the street from cats

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702 shares, 852 points


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  1. Both of my cats like to ride on my duffle bag like this when I’m leaving to go to work out of town for the week. They will ride all the way from the bedroom to my truck in the garage, then I have to sadly give them their goodbyes. It’s routine now and always puts me in a good mood for the day.

  2. Comfy-yes, scritches-yes

    Possibility of treats is high, so a cat did what cats do. Take advantage of passing people

  3. The cat is officially yours now. It’s the law.

    EDIT: tbh, I don’t know how so many of you have missed the joke…

  4. Cat law states that once they twirl three times the spot is officially the cat’s territory so lucky for you it was more of a plop claim which is still evictable without cat sass.

  5. The cat clearly adores you what with his slow blinks.

    Hopefully his owners keep him inside though.