I really wish DE would give Loki the love he deserves in the…

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  1. Not having strength as a must have stat for some frames is a good thing, but he definitely needs a rework. It’s sad because he used to be my main back when CC was all the rage a few years ago.

    …then I found Wisp. And Loki was fairly rapidly dumped. Still have a soft spot for him though

  2. The only real value I get out of loki is building him for pure range and using switch teleport on grineer drones on the plains (does really well for plague star)

  3. Just to be clear, I am talking about Decoy and Switch Teleport. Decoy is entirely useless at distracting anything beyond the first few low level zones and there is no currently no way to increase the durability of the decoy with the usage of mods. Switch teleport doesn’t really have any real offensive use and is extremely situational in its usage. I wouldn’t want to see these abilities replaced by something new but DE should rework the core mechanics behind the abilities so that they can actually do what they’re supposed to do.

    Loki has waited long enough. He is the vanilla frame with the least amount of fricking changes. Styanax, the most recently released frame has 354 words and 2159 characters on his patch history at the warframe wiki. Loki has 449 words and 3019 characters. This is a frame that have been almost out for 10 years. Of course this doesn’t accurately describe the changes made to each frame but it does signal that Loki haven’t seen much change. More love for Loki!

  4. The problem is that not all Warframes need strength as their main stat. Some frames should get something else that would fit their kit better

  5. As someone that plays Loki on the regular, the tl;dr version of what I want to say is that I simply don’t trust DE not to screw it up.

    Loki has two whole abilities that are basically useless outside of moving the Plague Star drone, and only one of them is actually good for that. They probably should be entirely replaced. Unfortunately, as a Loki-starter player, I’ve been around through shoddy reworks that didn’t do what they were supposed to, and we all know how well DE listens to feedback. The chances of the two functioning abilities making it out without getting touched is low, and the chances of them being modified in ways that are good are concerning. All it takes is one person saying “statistics show that Loki players cast invisibility a lot” in the DE offices and they’ll be looking for ways to “normalize” that.

  6. Loki used to be ungodly OP and overplayed so DE probably has that time in mind whenever thinking about him.
    Hope they can buff him someday.. he’s still useable but very dated.

    I think Decoy and Switch Teleport can be fused somehow and give him a new Ability.

  7. Speaking as a Loki main, it isn’t that he needs a complete rework, but his existing kit *does* need some pretty substantial buffs to bring it up to par with newer frames; while designed around utility, which is why Strength is a dump stat for him, abilities like Decoy and Switch Teleport aren’t useful most of the time because of how limited their application is; Loki is squishy and therefore his Decoy is squishy and doesn’t do much distracting, while his Teleport only has traversal utility and can’t be used to, say, [trick enemies into attacking each other](https://youtu.be/Gx5RDaGVkZE?t=96). You end up just spamming Invisibility or building around Radial Disarm with the augment.

  8. Give Decoy health scaling with stats including armor. They store taken damage, and when destroyed or after duration, they explode with the bonus damage multiplied by STR. Limit concurrent decoys to at least 3.

  9. Helminth isn’t the solution here but he does have some good synergy with Eclipse. After you turn invisible, it locks in the buff until you become visible and interact with light again.

  10. Tbf not all frames need power-strength so saying:

    >It speaks volumes about the state of the frame when a 300% power strength buff is entirely useless on a frame

    is kind of pointless. But yes, loki could indeed use some attention. Right after Inaros had his serve.

  11. You all underestimate Loki far too much. Just the buffed Safeguard Switch made both Decoy and Switch Teleport **much** better.

    Built for Max Duration and Range, Safeguard Switch and whatever else you feel like, Loki becomes unkillable while CCing the whole map, destroying their AI by forcing them to Melee a Decoy which is invulnerable for 12+ seconds per cast, and can even reliably CC Enemies with active Overguard via the Agro Manipulation of both Decoy and Irradiating Disarm if you’re feeling like it.

    He might not be the best for Missions that demand nothing but killing, but for any Mission that has actual Objectives he’s incredibly good.

    Here’s an example of Decoy + Safeguard Switch in Action, from Boreal’s Mobile Defense Mission: https://youtu.be/HsPLGJ3tm6U

    *(yes, Power Strength is completely useless to Loki)*

    Not to imply that I’m against a rework, it could be nice. Switch Teleport and Decoy could easily be merged into one Ability *(“Trickery” would be a fitting name)* with some new and mechanically interesting Ability added in that now empty spot.

    But there’s Warframes that **need** a Rework and Loki isn’t one of them. They should be the priority.

  12. Give Loki two sets of abilities or something of the sort.

    I’d love to see a Loki with like a scan ability, the entire map goes to a blueprint like texture allowing you to see thru most objects and see the outline of openings to see hidden passageways, and see what is inside lockers or closed doors, and a line of your mission, where to go.

    It could also include a large hud of info, like nearby enemies, scanned/ not scanned, what resources are nearby.

    What would be even cooler is absolute stealth augment mod, where he is indefinitely invisible, he can run and everything, have 100% immunity to any status and stagger, just his damage can only deal 1 no matter what. This will allow him to do spy/rescue missions effortlessly, while not stopping him from a obstacle like a vent.

  13. combine switch teleport and decoy for his 3rd ability

    add new 2nd ability, something around mobility, hacking, or pickups like slight of hand. or all 3! a cycle like mine layer or ivaras quiver why not. he’s named after the trickster god, let him fuck around with the enemy more.

  14. >half their kit is entirely useless or extremely situational.

    Decoy and switch teleport are a bit lackluster, but his invisibility and radial disarm can be broken if employed correctly. He won’t nuke any maps, but he can be a stupidly effective support.

  15. To be fair, its’ relevant stat after helminth . Before we had strength and it literally only boosted dmg vs infested with radial disarm.

  16. He’s a pretty solid frame and I dont think he needs a rework, an adjustment like the three initial frames would be good, but the fact he doesnt need strengh is what makes him intereseting to play. His 4th is probably the best crowd control ability in the game

  17. They should change what the buff is depending on the frame. Strength on loki is useless but some people might hate a 300% strength nova. Do some research determine the “must have stat” for different frames and adapt them accordingly

  18. Loki with ensnare is the up there with Khora as best SP survival frame for me. You never die, your Kavat never dies, acolytes can’t touch you. EZ mode.

  19. Something like 3 or 4 years ago I wrote a comment on how I’d tweak Loki. In a nutshell, allow him to cast multiple decoys (up to 3). The decoys have a slash/radiation based tether between them, and if all 3 are out they crest a radiation field in an area between them. Give it relevant strength scaling, but since it can serve as status procs, str can also be a dump stat if desired.

    Another idea was Decoy would be like a “save point” and if you go down during the duration you would revert back to that point… but then Protea came out lol.

    I was using Loki for Voidplume hunting (max duration minimum range Golden Instinct build). But it got me to thinking about the days he was a top frame (cries in Raids) and how now he’s only useful in certain niches. I’d love to see a rework for him.

    Decoy being a relevant ability would be awesome. But other than the tethered decoys mess, I can’t think of something g that is t Wukong or Protea.

    Invis is good as is.

    Switch Teleport can also be made into a relevant ability. Just hard to recommend something that isn’t Nyx, Mirage, or Oberon.

    Radial Disarm is good as is. Maybe give it more dmg or make it’s radiation augment be an inherent part of ability.

  20. Loki at the archon meeting:

    “Aight, how powerful will I be?”

    “Yeah you’ll be getting 500 more health and 300% strength.”

    “….what the fuck?”

  21. Yeah, he’s been powercrept to hell, he needs a tune-up. I don’t know if I’d want him to get abilities that use strength tho