I know we’ve called every Conservative Leader for the last 7…

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I know we’ve called every Conservative Leader for the last 7 years a right-wing extremist, but this time we mean it

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  1. At this point I’m so tired of federal politics I kind of want to start paying attention to municipal politics instead, because nobody cares about it and it’ll be less argumentative.

    *sees the current city council attack ads*


  2. “Also the milk thing is a bit weird. Wait sorry, scratch that. That was leftover from when I copy and pasted this paragraph from a previous speech I gave about Andrew Scheer.”


  3. >Also if we win one more election I promise to come up with a new line of attack for the next Conservative Leader. After all, no way they nominate an even further right-wing guy to replace this one right?

    Damn, ending it on point.

  4. I thought O’Toole was generally recognized as pretty moderate? Maybe I just missed the Liberal Party take on him, which is entirely possible.

    He always appeared to be trying to appeal to the center-right but unable to keep his party from going the other direction and courting white supremacists and such.

  5. I think the Conservatives need to stop cannibalizing leaders after every election loss. O’Toole likely does better next election after a cycle leading the opposition and attempting to solidify himself as a moderate. The constant party primary-to-general swing the leaders do leave them looking inauthentic at best and too far to the right at worst. Either that or break the party up and try for a PC-Reform coalition government. An Alberta Conservative isn’t palatable to an Ontarian, and a moderate isn’t palatable to the prairies.

  6. Far-right, right wing extremism could mean almost anything these days due to the constant fear mongering by politicians, the media and low information individuals on social media.

  7. It’s funny. As much as I still dislike Stephen Harper, I never once referred to him or thought of his as right wing, or extremist per say. Wax mannequin, puppet, jerk off, and selfish leader who sold some of the best parts of Canada off to private enterprise, sure, but never called him extremist. These latest Muppets though, I’m not to sure. Some of them are awfully fanatical.

  8. Honestly, I liked Erin O’Toole. He reminds me of real patriotic Canadians. PP reminds me of a dc universe villain.

  9. Never forget why Doug Ford became the leader of the Cons in Ontario. The problem with the leadership of the Cons has more to do with people and media pushing the better candidates out.

  10. It’s such hysterical, dishonest BS. Calling anyone who disagrees with you a Nazi is childish and grossly unfair and people are seeing through this bullshit.

  11. Doug Ford? he’s just Trump 2.0!
    4 yrs later …
    Pierre Poilievre? He’s just Trump 2.0!
    – mother in law

    I wonder how many there will be….

  12. Conservatives, have a real issue with the ability to win elections. The main issue is they have to talk to their base 1 way and then change talking to everyone else.

  13. PP is talking to a lot of immigrants coming into Canada who can’t afford to live. We invite them to come to Canada but when they get here it’s too expensive. I know this because my parents and I came as immigrants in 1993. The only reason we survived was because $20 could feed 6 people for a week. Now you’d be lucky to buy 2 items for $20.

    Printing a lot of money has done a lot of damage to our economy. I don’t know if Pierre will be able to do anything, he’s speaking the right message, he’s a politician however which I don’t really trust.

  14. Well the problem is the continuous leadership race they had for the last 7 years.

    Beaverton or not. Pandering to the fucked up part of the base makes them look like buffoons

  15. And yet anyone who dares refer to Trudeau as a Left-wing extremist on Reddit will get (online) crucified by his obsequious sycophants

  16. It is funny that the ultra-conservative we thought were right wing extremists (Bush, Harper) are replaced a generation later with conservatives that make their predecessors like moderate.

    Did I say “funny?” I meant horrifying.

  17. It’s all Liberals have left, the leader of their party has become a corrupt cliché. Void of any redeeming attributes, so they cling to vilifying their opponents with the same tired tropes and their supporters eat it up, because their obsession with power is more important than the competence of their leadership.