I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of the current meta but…

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+211 – I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of the current meta but it reminds me of the meta when I was a child and I love it because of that.

2022-08-06 04:15:09

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  1. If someone normal summons sangan these days they’re playing 3 axis and are about to link it into Almiraj

  2. I was clapping cheeks in the limit 1 event.

    “This is basically old yugioh before the banlist now….”

  3. It’s not quite the same for a lot of reasons, but the deckbuilding is similar looking enough to make me nostalgic. Love this type of deck, honestly.

  4. That is really interesting. I always thought people who liked “old yugioh” would absolutely hate the current meta and especially the tenyi rose dragon pile deck. I mean the combos are really long, it ends on negates and floddgates, utilizes broken ED Monsters like halq auroradon and denglong and a single handtrap is usually not enough (sometimes not even two or three) and these are usually the things that are criticized.
    I personally do not like this deck just because it is so hard to stop once the baronne hits the field. Fortunately token collector is a good hand trap to counter tthe adventure or auroradon stuff

  5. Ok but the meta you had has been left in a dark box and when you opened it the meta you knew has molded and now has cancer

  6. GOAT format (Boomer Good Cards.dek format) is still played to this day because it was exciting, unpredictable and skill intensive.

    The new Good Cards.dek format is boring, repetitive and requires far less skill… So this meme doesn’t really track IMHO…