1. mozilla was first.

  2. Firefox predates Chrome by MANY years.

    Firefox was released in 2002, whilst Chrome was released in 2008.

  3. Nobody badmouth mozilla, those dudes fought for free internet and choice of browser.

    Firefox was one of the foundation against monopoly of internet.

  4. So… Firefox is much older then chrome.

  5. Firefox was already the best befor Chrome even exsisted.

  6. Firefox is chrome knockoff? Sure why not, IE also chrome knockoff right?

  7. Back when Microsoft was on top with their monolithic Internet Explorer, Firefox was there breaking IE monopoly, forcing a development competition on browsers in which Microsoft lost.

  8. Opera GX is still Chromium based, for those who want to say that it’s better.

  9. Firefox isn’t a knockoff, what a dumb meme

  10. Firefox: “Knockoff? Do not cite the deep magic to me, Chrome. I was there when it was written”

  11. Facts

  12. I was always using Firefox, I have been there when chrome started and I could be er comprehend why people have chosen chrome over Firefox…

  13. Firefox is superiour … Faster and less bulky.

  14. Firefox is the OG

  15. Its foxin time

  16. Firefox will forever be goated

  17. while im here using edge.

  18. Everybody’s comparing Google to different browser’s, Whilst I’m still using google

  19. Opera GX is best

  20. Why is there a squirrel stapled to his face?

  21. Safari: *laughs in the distance*

  22. Everybody knows that there was first Chrome and then Tim Burners-Lee created web around it.

  23. The question is… who gets beaten up at the end ?

  24. It’s funny because Soldier Boy is stronger than Homelander.

  25. What’s better tho


  27. I use Opera

  28. Just switched back. FF needs to improve profile management. It is very annoying that I need multiple instances to FF running to use multiple profiles.

  29. Opera GX is superior to all

  30. I don’t really care I’m just gonna still use chrome

  31. Firefox was so bad but now it is really good to use!

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