1. I’m sitting in Key west FL. Storm surge is moving into the lower parts of the island, heavy winds. Power is in and out at my location.

    [live webcams around key west FL](https://fla-keys.com/webcams/key-west/)

  2. The storm is just west northwest of Key West at midnight EDT. The maximum sustained speed of the eye wall is 120 mph. The greatest development is on the right (Eastern) side of the storm, where most of the lightning is at. The forward motion of the storm (10 mph) combines with the wind speed so that’s partly the explanation for the greater concentration of lightning. I wish everyone in Florida all the best, take care of each other!

  3. Nature is one bad ass bitch

  4. So how big is that thing? Like what’s the radius of the main cloud funnel?

    Sigh, where’s that banana when you need one

  5. [Credit to CIRA and GOES-16 for the incredible imagery](https://satlib.cira.colostate.edu/event/hurricane-ian/)

  6. So cool how the lightning follows the ends of the rotating arms.

  7. Tell it to stop

  8. As somebody who’s having a hurricane party, our group is already arguing… 😓

  9. Dade county here, so far so good…

  10. Scary shit

  11. I feel dumb for asking this, promise but… is that real lightening? I’ve never seen lightening from this perspective.

    Downvote, I get it, but can someone just confirm lol

  12. The end of the loop here is showing the eye wall collapsing, which is bad news. A new, stronger eye wall will appear just before landfall, increasing the severity of the storm.

  13. Boss in his shelter:

    “hurricane? That’s not an excuse!? GET IN YOUR CAR AND OPEN THE STORE!! lazy piece of shit!”

  14. God… if we could only harness & store that energy… we could power the whole country for months

  15. Here outside of Tampa waiting for this thing.

  16. I’m sleeping in a random apartment I’m downtown Orlando because I live in evacuation zone A in tampa. weeee

  17. Technology is incredible, unbelievable sight to see. The power and force of nature is scary

  18. Beautifully scary

  19. So, how fast is the eyewall rotating?

  20. From Tampa, it would appear as if we’ve gotten lucky once again. Hope our pals in the south are fairing well.

  21. Half of my family is going to take a direct hit. Hasn’t happened since Hurricane Charley in 2004. Feel helpless watching it unfold from out of state.

  22. Alternatively, what my blood pressure medication does to my vision when I stand up too fast.

  23. does the lightning have any correlation to its strength?

  24. Tampa is fucked.

  25. What no rgb lights?

  26. That looks menacing as fuck!

  27. The eye of the storm does not look calm at all

  28. My dumb uncle is vacationing in Fort Myers right now and decided to stay for the storm.

  29. What’s interesting is lightning is surprisingly rare in tropical cyclones. Because they’re predominantly horizontal wind systems, there’s normally not enough, or any, buildup of vertical winds to suspend water in the atmosphere, which turns to ice and rubs together to form static electricity.

  30. It’s just so obvious galaxies are just big weather

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