Hungary PM Orban says EU’s Russia sanctions should be…

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Hungary PM Orban says EU’s Russia sanctions should be scrapped

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  1. Ffs Hungarians, your ancestors were literally crushed by soviet tanks. You’re going to let one of your leaders kiss the russian leaders’ ass? I’d like to think you’re better than that

  2. Wow gee I wonder why he’d say that – after the EU declared his country was no longer a democracy, no less?

  3. Fucking hell… I hate the backwards shitheads ruling Poland but i guess as Pole i should write to them and beg for them to do something about Hungary, no other country has any real influence on them as long as the Polish gov is vetoing any action against Hungary… lesser of two evils and all that.

  4. “Hungary’s PM Orban says EU’s Russia sanctions should scrapped because he knows they work. He also knows that if Putin falls, his quality of life becomes precarious *very, very fast.*

    Fixed that for you!

  5. What an immeasurably stupid decision, to choose a failed, anemic state like Russia over the stability and prosperity of the collective EU.

  6. How do these folks even get elected. I mean they are completely terrible at even being a paid asset, not even convincing. At least in the US Moscow mitch puts in an effort!!! Booooo! Terrible acting!!! Boo!

  7. Hungary:

    * Known home to several right wing racist extremists
    * Known home to borderline autocrats
    * Known home to murderers and abusers of refugees
    * Known for not respecting human rights
    * Known for their leadership to be bought by private companies in order for the law to look the other way.
    * Known sucky-sucky of Putler.


    Why are we listening to Hungary again?

    Can we please do a Kickngary from the EU and NATO, please?

  8. Orban, buddy. The writing’s on the wall. Your next paycheck is not likely to be coming. You’ll soon have no money to pay your barber for that bitch-ass haircut of yours. Maybe it’s time you cut your losses?

  9. Unfortunately, we should realise 2 things:

    1. The sentiment “sanctions are hurting us more than Russia” is very popular in Europe with the anti-EU crowd, the nihilists and people who just dont care.
    2. If we abandon Hungary, it will surely fall under Russian influence – and I personally dont want that for the people. Shitty politicians are replaceable.

  10. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 65%. (I’m a bot)
    > BUDAPEST, Sept 22 – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told his ruling Fidesz party that sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union should be scrapped, the pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet reported late on Wednesday.

    > Without sanctions, Europe could regain strength and could avoid a looming recession, the report quoted Orban as saying, reiterating his earlier stance that the sanctions were hurting Europe more than Russia.

    > In July, Orban said the EU had "Shot itself in the lungs" with ill-considered economic sanctions on Russia, which, unless rolled back, risked destroying the European economy.

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  11. This guy is a shit, I am saddened to read comments on our social media in my country that are full of support, disappointed

  12. Never. They should be up indefinitely, until russia has been an actual democracy with it’s constitution changed & protected against future putlers, for 10-20 years.

    Erdoclown is getting tiresome, trying to constantly play both sides and block new NATO members.

    Turkey should be removed from NATO and sanctioned like russia til he’s removed from the dictatorship position…