How to tell if a girls a virgin according to a neck beard

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+2523 – How to tell if a girls a virgin according to a neck beard

2022-08-06 09:31:47

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  1. Does… does he think nipples pop out after losing the virginity? Like some kind of tamper proof seal?

  2. Bro really said that the labia would be highly sensitive. Every woman on the planet cringed a little bit when that post was made

  3. Oncology nurse here. Inverted nipples is often a sign of breast cancer – and can happen to both men AND women. So there’s that. It can also be indicative of other things like an abscess under the areola, or mastitis. It could also be nothing. If you notice this on you or your partner, it should be checked out.

  4. Tell me you’re sexually attracted the children without telling me you’re sexually attracted to children.

  5. Eh? Tell me you’ve never seen a woman irl naked without saying you’ve never seen a woman irl naked.

  6. Homie had to use a lot of words just to say “I’ve never seen a woman naked in real life”.

  7. Yes, let’s all take female sex organ lectures from the dude who has clearly never seen one in real life.

  8. How to tell someone is a virgin in reality: you can’t! Virginity isn’t something biological or physical

  9. My breasts were bigger than an orange by the time I was 10 years old. I was definitely still a virgin, just an early developer.

    People like this are the ones who bullied me in highschool telling me I must be a slut because I have big boobs 🙄

  10. How many vaginas do you think this troll has actually seen? I don’t even know which “point” to tackle first

  11. The fuck is “smaller size” for nipples and aerolas? What, if they come in a 34 Long you send em back to the kitchen?

  12. The hymen isn’t even like a wall which is probably exactly what this wannabe gyno is thinking. It’s semi soft membranous tissue on the inner walls of the vaginal canal 🤦🏼‍♂️ (please excuse any terms I got incorrect I in fact am not a gyno I just pay attention to scientific studies and random facts) it can be “broken” be riding a bike, doing splits, landing too hard on your butt, or any other activity or situation likes that. It can also heal in many cases, even after vaginal intercourse with full penetration. The best way I’ve heard it explained was on the show adam ruins everything where they said “it’s not like a banner at a football game but more like a reef of balloons”. In some cases even full penetrative sex won’t damage the hymen at all if the girl (or lady in other cases) is careful and doesn’t act like he’s storming the castle with a battering ram. Tbh I’ll bet the only thing this guy knows about sex is how to get his anime girl body pillow to stand up on it’s on while watching his favorite hentai.

  13. “Difficult to allow a little finger.” Sorry bro, I was putting more than a little finger in there before I ever had sex!!! Weird how they think women’s bodies are just ruined by sex.

  14. Imagine bringing a girl home and before things get sexual you go “Hold on, babe, gotta pull up the good ol’ Virginity Checker to see if you’re pure or not.”