1. Putting it in the fridge, that way if I forget it’s still good for a day

  2. There are plenty of reasons not to defrost meat in a microwave, but “radiating your food” is not one of them

  3. Yeah this guy has thoroughly misunderstood not only how microwaves work, but radiation in general.

  4. Godammit, what’s the answer to the riddle!?

    Apparently, the Man was Blind so he suspects that his wife is in some danger and thus calls the police.

  5. If I’m home, I’ll defrost in cold water.

    If I’m out, into the fridge is goes.

  6. This guy needs a physics lesson. Microwave is not poison

  7. “And then you put your hand in that microwave after it’s done, and it’s not even hot. You don’t find that suspicious!?” No I do not. Because I know how a microwave works. Yikes.

  8. You also don’t just leave chicken in the sink while you go to work, unless you like living life risky. Defrost it by moving it from the freezer to fridge.

  9. Imagine being on a first date, and the topic of discussion that your date brings up (and will NOT drop) is whether or not it’s kosher to thaw meat in the microwave. Just… imagine that for a sec.

  10. Actually, leaving meat to defrost in the sink all day long is dangerous for bacteria. Defrosting it in the microwave sucks because it cooks the meat while it defrosts. The proper way to defrost meat is in the fridge. Thats it thats all.

  11. Passionately ignorant. Wow the way this guy just kept going on and on to what could’ve been a simple answer was very annoying lol

  12. I think both those methods are weird.

    Leaving meat out all day is asking for trouble

    You defrost in cold water

  13. “Pumping radiation into your food” mother fucker, are you out of your damn mind?

  14. It’s crazy how ppl like this speak so passionately when they don’t know the first thing about what they’re talking about lol

  15. shout out to everybody who forgot to take the chicken out the freezer and googled how to safely defrost chicken and defrosted it in a bowl of cold water instead

  16. Confidently incorrect.

  17. Meanwhile David Chang has and entire cookbook on how to cook in the microwave

  18. I defrost my chicken by placing it on my cell phone screen, gotta keep it risky ya know

  19. What’s the answer to the riddle

  20. Life hack: Bowl of water

  21. So this guy just doesn’t understand what microwaves are is what I’m gathering?

  22. “Pumping your food full of radiation”

    Man. Wait till he finds out microwaves have the same wavelengths as wifi. Guess we’re all drowning in that 5G radiation people are so scared about.

  23. You set it to defrost mode which reduces the power to about 30%. Has this guy ever used a microwave?

  24. If you’re careful enough you can defrost things nicely in the microwave. Now, although you won’t find radiation in your kitchen sink, if you leave meat thawing in there all day, you will find an increased chance of food poisoning.

    If you’re afraid of nuking your frozen meat, you can safely thaw it in the fridge and if you’re in a rush, you can thaw it quicker in a cold water bath.

    While we’re at it…to wash or not to wash raw meat?

    Washing raw meat only spreads germs. Dab it with a paper towel if you want to remove outside juices. I do have to say though, if you’re leaving your meat out all day to thaw, I understand why you’d want to wash it. All those outside juices already gone bad. * hwroorgh*

  25. for gawd’s sake – DO NOT leave frozen chicken in the sink! It’s actually super dangerous. The correct way to defrost is to put it in the refrigerator for a day. Defrosts slowly without getting any bacteria and lasts longer.

  26. i defrost until it’s… defrosted… in the microwave, then cook it in an oven or something. I wouldn’t trust doing it with a whole chicken, but today i did it with some skewered meat because I had no time, and it wasn’t bad. Just a bit dry.

  27. When I go to cook tonight’s dinner I take tomorrow’s meat out of the freezer and put in the refrigerator. Then tomorrow it will be slightly defrosted and it will only need an hour in the sink. Then I take the following nights meat out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. And so on. That being said I have NEVER defrosted anything in the microwave in the last 20 years.

  28. Never use slightly warm or warm water for defrosting. Cold water only!! Either thaw the meat in the fridge or place meat in the sink with COLD water pouring on top of it. Or, fully submerge in a sink of COLD water (swapping the water out for fresh water every half hour.

    Does no one in here have their Food Safe?!

  29. If it’s not a massive piece of meat and it’s vac sealed I just put it in warm water submerged.

    If it’s a steak sometimes I just throw it right in the over and cook at about 220 for 15-25 mins until I can get a digi thermometer probe in it then cook until it’s 10 degees below your desired rareness so if you want it med rare cook until it’s about 125 degrees. Then just throw it into a very hot cast iron skillet with some oil and sear all sides, should come out perfect.

  30. This guy is an idiot. It literally takes my kettle 2 minutes to boil water.

  31. It depends on the meat I want to defrost. A whole chicken or beef roast? Leave it in the fridge over night. Mince (ground meat), chicken breasts or thighs, sausages? Microwave if I have to. There’s an art to it though, you don’t just chuck it in and blast it.

  32. Ok but what was the answer to that riddle though?

  33. First of all…my freezer tiny as fuck. You gotta shop 2-3 times a week for fresh food

  34. I put that shit in a sink full of water and it’s defrosted in a few hours

  35. Wait till he finds out how Wi-Fi works.

  36. From the comments it looks like some of them have not even thought about looking up how to safely defrost meat. You can wing it if you want and most of the times it’ll be fine but if you want to make sure. Keep it cold never get over a temp of 40f. Cold water in a bowl add the meat in a ziploc. Dump water every 30 mins refill till thawed. Make sure it’s submerged. Might take a hour or two but you won’t get anyone sick. Where are the servsafe people at.

  37. The only way is to leave it out or put it in the fridge. Anything else is wrong. Also, microwaves don’t shoot harmful radiation. It’s just electromagnetic, which people can’t seem to understand is not the same as nuclear radiation (source: I graduated from electrical engineering).

  38. I just use a bowl or sink of cold water. Usually within an hour or so it’s defrosted, still cold but ready for cooking.

  39. I plan in advance, a whole chicken I’d buy raw and cook that day or the next, I don’t freeze it to begin with.

  40. An amazing method that a lot of kitchens use is, you get water to right under boil and put the frozen chicken in a closed bag into the pot. After 10-15 mins chicken is thawed safely we’re bacteria isn’t forming

  41. In the fridge, like a human who is afraid of food borne illness.

    Also microwaves are fine, but defrosting gets a little weird

  42. Am I the only one who just buys meat for the week and makes sure the expiration dates are far enough away that it won’t need to be frozen?

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