‘House of the Dragon’ Demand Could Soon Double That of…

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‘House of the Dragon’ Demand Could Soon Double That of ‘Rings of Power’

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  1. I feel bad for all these people with TV’s that only let them pick one show at a time. My TV lets me watch both series.

  2. I enjoy both. I’m also not an actual LOTR fan so I don’t really care about source material or the movies really.

  3. HoTD is appointment TV for me. Sunday night it’s on as soon as it’s available on HBOMAX. RoP on the other hand, at least at this point, I usually get around to watching sometime on Sunday afternoon. That’s how I’d describe both shows so far.

  4. I would like rings of power more if the woman playing Galadriel could act. Every scene she’s in makes me way to aware she’s acting and playing a character, nothing natural about her at all. In fact all the characters feel like they were given their lines as they were filming, it really feels like a middle school play sometimes. Spent billions of dollars and couldn’t afford a good cast.

  5. I’m a huge lord of the rings fan and rings of power couldn’t even hold my attention. Feels like what it was developed by the marketing department instead of decent show writers.

  6. I like both but RoP is struggling a bit by filling in background/lore by just having characters talk about it. That’s difficult to write for TV in an authentic or engaging way. HOTD has done a better job of sweeping us along for the ride and gathering our interest for the characters’ conflicts. The ROP storylines that have not relied on us just having to be told about past events and people have been good. I am enjoying the Harfoot storyline and the development of Elendil, for example. Galadriel is having to do too much heavy lifting just talking about past events and people, even though the actress is doing a wonderful job of establishing a character.

  7. Enjoying both, but Dragon winning for me right now. I like that it’s more focused than GoT in terms of characters which got too bloated, which is my problem with Rings. If Rings is focused on characters I like I enjoy it, but if it’s someone I don’t then it bores me some.

  8. I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face. Ring of Power should’ve been bingeable. It’s too slow and has little twists and turns. I forget everything in a week.

  9. House of the Dragon has just been more consistent.

    Rings of Power has been bland so far, largely in part that the tone of the show is so drastically different from the blockbuster trilogy. I will say, though, that episode 4 was better than the first 3 episodes combined.

  10. Rings has zero action. It really needs something to happen and the endings never leave you hanging.

    HOD – besides showing dragons a few times here and there has also been pretty damn lacking in action as well. I’m not sold on either.

    But I still watch them because there isn’t anything else good on.

  11. HoTD is a far better show. The writing is better and the show runners seem to have respect for the source material, whereas RoP show runners are looking flippant and incompetent.

  12. Rings of Power just feels very soulless and generic. House of the Dragon is riding that Game of Thrones nostalgia well – you can clearly see how these two productions differ. One was made smartly knowing exactly whom they want as audience whereas Rings of Power is kinda an empty shell. The writing is meh. It has some nice moments but overall just a bland experience.

  13. They should rename the show to house of the dragoon and transition the show to be about the life or a 19th century cavalry officer.

  14. I’ve been rooting for ROP but I’m ngl I haven’t gotten around to watching episode 4 yet, and I watch every HOTD episode as soon as they release.

    The plot of ROP isn’t moving very urgently, so I’m not feeling much urgency to watch right away, honestly might’ve been better as a binge show.

  15. Well when popular shows that are based off of books decide they can do it better their own way that happens. Happened with wheel of time, happened in the last 2 seasons of GOT really the last 4 seasons were not nearly as good as the first 4,Its starting to happen with the Witcher after the second season, it’s happening with ROP, It would happen with Harry Potter as well if they tried to make a spin-off but didn’t use JK Rowlings themes and messages. These show runners think they know better than the authors and I’m hoping they are learning that they do in fact not know better.

  16. I gave RoP a shot but I really found it boring. HoD is significantly higher in quality so I’m not surprised by this metric.

  17. Amazon should’ve purchased Full rights to the story, this original story and characters is completely forgettable and boring. There’s really no excuse to not follow the established universe no matter how much you spin it

  18. I like Rings of Power more. I think it looks much better visually and I think the characters are more entertaining.

  19. I’m honestly enjoying The Rings of Power more. It could be the entire tone of the show as well. GOT is dark, grim, greek tragedy adjacent while TROP is a little more upbeat with some charm. But I am enjoying both either way.

  20. I’ve been enjoying RoP far more than HoD. I keep reading that the writing is bad for RoP yet I haven’t seen much evidence of those claims. It’s beautiful and well acted with writing that is on par with HoD, just in a different way. Plus, we all know how the Targs story ends and it’s fucking atrocious. Having said all that, I am enjoying both shows but I never feel the need to watch HoD when it’s released. I watched the 4th episode last night and it was kind of boring. Whereas I watch RoP within a day or two of its release.

    Edit: I always find it funny when I get downvoted for saying I like RoP more than HoD haha. Why does that offend people?