House GOP campaign arm cancels ads for J.R. Majewski, the…

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House GOP campaign arm cancels ads for J.R. Majewski, the Trump-backed Ohio congressional candidate who lied about his military service

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702 shares, 852 points


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  1. In addition to stealing valor, it looks likes he’s hijacked the US Air Force and PMI’s logos and is using them in an unauthorized way. Pretty easy to report to both, would suck if some folks alerted the trademark owners.

  2. No one in the state fact checked this far fuck until yesterday? Thanks Ohio for yet again making the south look progressive!

  3. no way! he lied? i never would have expected a member of such an upstanding party as the gop would lie! i’m shocked. completely shocked. /s they’re all crooks and liars.

  4. When has lying publicly ever been an issue for Republicans? Herschel Walker has claimed to be everything but the Queen of England, and now that she’s not around to dispute it, he may well yet

  5. Honestly didn’t think there was anyone the GOP wouldn’t support. As long as they didn’t agree with a Democrat or admit the 2020 election wasn’t rigged. This is a surprise. This guy went full on piece of shit. That’s the GOP bread and butter. I thought they’d push him to presidential candidate if he just commit to stopping any bill that comes within a hundred miles of DC.