1. false built different

  2. I laughed so much, thank you

  3. Fan art is great, but this is my favourite False fan art.

  4. Good armor investment

  5. I feel like it died down for a while, so I’m glad we’re back to the “Flase is literally god” phase

  6. Whats the story behind this?

  7. This is amazing ! It really had this vibe and it’s hilarious

  8. He’s so distraught, I want to give him a hug!!

  9. False is a pincushion in the shape of a human, that’s why it took so long.

  10. (Gone Emotional)

  11. This is excellent

  12. XD that was awesome that moment.

  13. Indestructible False

  14. This is awesome hahaha, great job! I laughed so much in that video..

  15. I kept seeing his scar as his mouth and I prefer it that way

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