Hot blob of gas spotted swirling around our Milky Way’s…

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Hot blob of gas spotted swirling around our Milky Way’s black hole at 30% the speed of light.

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  1. Why don’t we point the James Webb telescope at it so we can get a better picture. It’s only 27,000 light years away. That’s nothing for a telescope that can see 13 billion light years away.

  2. I’m honestly a bit confused and curious how temperature can exist and even be measured in a gaseous cloud in space. Sure, particles can have temperature, but aren’t these particles spread enough that space would force rapid cooling? Or are they heated by the star?

    Further, these “hot-spots” then lead me to further questions, such as heat’s relationship with a black hole (my assumption would be that temperature again tied to particles gets sucked in with particles, and heat is not emitted). This thought then leads me to wonder about entropy and its relationship with a black hole. Do black holes suck in entropy and not emit any, as well? Could this potentially alter the “heat death of the universe” idea (if that hasn’t been disproven already).

  3. Orbiting at 30% the speed of light. Damn. I cannot comprehend that. But then that’s not surprising, there’s a lot that flies over my head.

  4. Explain to me please as you would a child: given that the light cannot escape the gravity of this massive dark object (black hole), how does other electromagnetic radiation escape? That’s what heat is, is it not?.. and we can get it with a sensor..

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