1. The bit about the contract kerfuffle is no different to what Seidl said. Horner said that if Piastri was at Red Bull it wouldn’t have happened. Seidl said if Piastri was at McLaren they’d have had a tighter contract. It’s just Alpine who blame Piastri for this mess.

  2. Goddamit, the Horner and Marko vs Szafnauer and Rossi shit stirring would have been epic.

  3. > Now if he’d have been a driver here, there is no way that he wouldn’t have been under lock and key for a period in time. As I say, I wasn’t party, it’s difficult to judge what was promised or reneged on or so on.

    lol Horner

  4. To be honest I’m somewhat surprised that after leaving Alpine he didn’t go Red Bull.

    Like from a personal perspective it’s the safer bet than McLaren.

    McLaren look very far away from having a top car. 2026 is probably their next chance at it realistically.

    Had he joined Red Bull he could have went Alpha Tauri for a year or two and then been Checos replacement.

    And with Checos form he might have replaced him sooner than later.

    So in terms of getting in a top Car McLaren is for sure the riskier move.

  5. Probably just said that to piss Alpine lol

  6. When talking about loyalty, Piastri stayed loyal to Horner’s Arden team. After coming 2nd with them in F4, Ardens best result. Piastri stayed with Arden into EuroCup where they were poo it cost him finishing 8th in his rookie season with Arden, being his only full season finish outside the top 2 in jr series.

  7. I’m pretty sure Otmar also regrets missing the chance to sign Piastri 😉

  8. But it’s more like a blessing in disguise for Horner though

  9. I don’t know how good the car he’s driving will be, but in a few years he will be better than everyone on the grid besides Max and Lewis if he’s still driving.

  10. Why, so he could struggle, get dropped and never be seen again?

  11. Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike Piastri any more, one of the most dislikable teams on the grid regrets not signing him. OF COURSE THEY DO.

  12. Don’t worry he’ll be joining RB in no time

  13. Horner finally realized there had been drama in F1 and Red Bull wasn’t involved in it

  14. Never follow him so I’m really curious how good Piastri is. Can’t wait to see him driving next season.

  15. Wenger almost signed him.

  16. What about drugovic???

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