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2022-08-06 14:14:11

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  1. I like the friendship point. The base for a good relationship is always friendship You wouldn’t spend your life with someone you don’t like.

  2. 9 is very important to me

    I have been in two long relationships and in both I dedicated my life to it. Forgot friends and personal growth are a thing, and it came to bite me in the ass.

  3. Going on my first real date in 18 months next week, the first 4 will definitely be very helpful to keep in mind!

  4. 10.. Your hormones are clouding your judgement. Mother nature is trying to make you reproduce no matter what. Mother nature does not care if you make a fool of yourself or do something stupid enough to ruin your life. Be aware that your perception of self and others is severely skewed.

  5. A lot of this was considered common sense to our ancestors, the kind of wisdom that mothers and fathers were expected to teach to (or at least instill through good example) to their daughters and sons respectively. A lot of the root causes of incels can be found in ignorance of one or more of these points.

    I’d add that it’s important to have platonic friends who you’re not romantically interested in before you pursue a long term romantic relationship. Even if you’re an introvert this is in your best interest. A lot of men become incels because they have no close friends that they can be emotionally open with and are extremely lonely, feeling like getting a girlfriend is the only escape.

    Being a man can be socially isolating because emotional intimacy is stigmatized between men and romanticized between women. Albeit this is a relatively recent development in the West that wasn’t nearly as common a century ago or in many parts of the world today.

    A lot of women see a man having no close friends as a red flag and mentally healthy women will have close friends of their own that they’ll want to spend time with and generally would resent feeling like their SO monopolizes all their attention. Likewise, if your girlfriend is resentful of you spending time with your friends then that’s not healthy either, for both of you.

  6. Number 8 really resonates with me. When I met my soon-to-be fiancé three years ago, there was something I couldn’t put my finger on. And then I realized: I’m not self-conscious when we’re chilling. This guy actually finds my deep inner weirdness charming.

  7. It’s easy to say things like “rejection isn’t personal” or “choose someone who also chooses you”, but for lots of people, good luck mentally internalizing that. You’re / we’re gonna need it.

  8. 7 !!!! Wished I knew this years ago..finally coming to terms with what it is and bein unable to change someone. So that messy person that’s seems to constantly be messy, won’t magically be clean for you!!!!

  9. Number two isn’t easily mapped onto how people actually exist, in my experience. Rejection is personal most of the time.

  10. I vouch for 1, 4, and 5.

    The rest seem like good ideas, too, but those are the ones that helped me.

  11. I downloaded this and then deleted it from my gallery right after cause I remembered I’ll never use it.