1. They know what they’re doing.

  2. Remember when they chanted lock her up for some supposed emails?

    Meanwhile Trump is stealing and declassifying the nuclear secrets held by our nation “by thinking about it”

    Lol losers

  3. The salute absolutely looks like a Nazi salute. The GQP is a majority fascist party. They don’t give a fuck what happens so long as they can kick people who are down.

  4. Be careful, Ms. Clinton. Someone’s going to tell you that you’re overreacting and that “QAnon” is neither a cult nor Nazism rebranded.

  5. I feel like this world has been taken into a parralel universe once Trump won the presidency.

    Like, we went straight into a timeline that is slowly mirroring ‘Back To The Future’.

    To whoever is listening, I would like off this crazy ride though.

  6. It’s going to make Hillary’s year on the day she gets to say ‘lock him up.’

    I hope she has that tweet on standby for the day we hear his guilty verdict read.

  7. That’s why I call the fascist mandarin mussolini: agolf twittler

  8. I’ll tell ya what’s going on, Hill: MAGAnon is a barrel of abortions.

  9. I mean – when your platform is all about demonizing everyone that isn’t a white Christian as both the biggest threat to your way of life – as well as them also somehow being completely inferior, banning / burning piles of books that ‘promote liberal thinking,’ and trying to overthrow the government both with violence and corruption, it starts to become a pattern.

    Tack on a very recognizable, but slightly modified ‘salute’ to the wanna-be-dictator who compares himself to [Jesus](https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-shares-post-proclaiming-him-second-only-to-jesus-2022-9) ([Hitler](https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1321434/hitler-secret-autobiography-mein-kampf-world-war-2-nazi-bible-jesus-christ-spt) did this in an autobiography he wrote under someone else’s name) that you’re blindly following, despite their lies being so very very easy to prove because said wanna-be-dictator told you “you can’t trust anyone else but me”….it’s a pretty short leap to be compared to a Nazi.

  10. Everyone, literally everyone is comparing Maga members doing the “straight arm salute” to Nazis. If they are not they are being disingenuous. And if their entire platform did not copy the Nazi playbook this would be a non issue. But it does.

    Blaming Hilary Clinton for noticing the obvious is merely an attempt to smear and divide. Maga members have embraced nazism. Period.

  11. Drumpf is digging pretty deep in the barrel for fans these days.

  12. As usual, she’s right and won’t be taken seriously. Hillary Clinton is the modern day Cassandra.

  13. If the boot fits…

  14. I like Hillary so much more since she lost. She just stopped giving a fuck, and turned the sass up to 11.

  15. I’m just waiting to see what what southern-twanged english version of “Seig! Heil!” they come up with.

  16. Yes, but if Hillary could just stfu and go away that’d be great

  17. All hail the Great Orange Fuhrer.

  18. I agree, but Hillary probably has a conflict of interest here…

  19. I’m surprised his stupid fight the power fist salute has never caught on. Maybe this will.

  20. All this rhetoric does not help anyone. She and others need to tone it down. You don’t want anymore dem supporters running over anyone else.

  21. Isn’t that image a still taken from people raising their arms in prayer?

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