[Highlight] Oswaldo Cabrera crushes a first inning grand…

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[Highlight] Oswaldo Cabrera crushes a first inning grand slam, giving the Yankees grand slams in consecutive innings after the walk-off last night)

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  1. *Me, screaming like an idiot*

    My girlfriend- “Did he break that record?”

    Me- “No, it was a different guy”

    Gf- “Well maybe he’ll do it instead”

  2. 4th grand slam in 4 games vs pirates for the Yankees

    Edit: most in a single season vs a single team for the Yankees. In 4 games.

  3. Crazy how this kid has just been sitting in the minors, he has really stepped up to fill the gap after our injuries and earn his spot in the lineup

  4. The biggest event of the and it’s blacked out. Mf MLB, all cable service and nation TV for not demand theses last games of season be televised for all viewers.