[Highlight] Michael Jeffrey Jordan gets fried and outplayed…

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  1. wonder how many times Rex has throw this tape on and shown his family/friends

    i know i’d have that shit on a loop in my living room

  2. Still can’t believe that those ‘96 Bulls lost to this Miami team and then dropped 2 games to Toronto.

  3. I remember laughing at Rex when I was a kid, because I had a card of his. The name ‘Rex Everett Chapman’ was really amusing to me, but dude was a baller.

  4. I grew up in Western Kentucky and watched dude kick my older brother’s team’s ass for 4 straight years in high school…lol

  5. Unrelated but man Chapman has the most annoying style of twitter account, just constant reposting viral content.

  6. Then the playoffs came and the Bulls won with a clean sweep and closest game was 20 point difference, while Jordan averages more than Rexes totals for the series lol. No wonder they retired Jordan’s number

  7. 19 year olds ITT: see, I knew MJ actually was bad. All the evidence I need to continue to have the position I already had.

  8. Mj had a gambling style of play defensively that he’d probably need to rein in if he was in this era tbh

  9. Should also mention that they were the eventual 72-10 Bulls. Crazy that a depleted Heat roster is reasonable for one is those L’s.

  10. Biggest MJ fan, I mean he was my Bball hero growing up and I used to be shocked when players would play out of their minds against him…but in hindsight, I LOVE watching these type of games now against the GOAT. He had the biggest target on his back and you know Rex had his respect after this game, this was a tough series for the bulls, they prevailed but this series and the series against Wash in 97? 98? We’re really tough outs.

  11. I’m a huge dumbass, never knew Rex Chapman was actually a player I thought he was just some annoying ass content stealing twitter account

  12. If you could remove one account on twitter, would it be Rex Chapman or Keith Olbermann?

    Feel like these guys only exist to create strawman arguments for Republicans. Like who is following these “influencers” and actually being influenced?

  13. What I love about this post, besides Johnny red Kerr on the mic, is how out of context the game is taken.

    Couple of fun points:

    Jordan isn’t guarding on most of those plays.

    The game came down to the final minutes despite a career night from #7.

    Did the bulls win 72 games that year?

    Did the heat make the playoffs?

    Jordan played 15 years in the league, Chapman 12.

    Jordan averaged more than double Chapman per game in points, just under double in assists and nearly three times more in rebounds.

    Pretty sure this single game was the second best game of Chapmans career, with his April 25 97 game against Seattle only being better. Coincidentally this game was his high mark for steals.

    Jordan scored 8 less points than Chapman… out played seems to be a bit of a stretch given they both played the same amount of minutes. Jordan had more steals, assists, and rebounds then Chapman.

    I mean there’s no question Jordan was a better player, and given how prolific Jordan’s career was everyone was gunning for him. So if you had a good game against him, you’re going to brag about it. I would take Jordan at his worst over Chapman on his career day any day of the week, and twice on Sunday because that’s when the nba game of the week is.

    Kudos to Chapman for having a day.

    But, I wanna be like Mike.